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I have had trouble with a font that i have been trying to use, I have access to both X3 and X4 and for some reason the problem is reversed depending on which I am using. In Corel X3 it will allow me to use only the bold and italic version of the font, it is aware that the normal roman exists but when used it wont show up in the document whilst in X4 it will only let me use the standard roman version with no bold or italic available at all.


the particular font has its roman version as a .PFB and .PFM type 1 font whilst the italics and bold version is a true type font. 


I have tried copying and pasting them directly into the fonts folder and using bitstream navigator where the preview is normal, 


anyone have any ideas, thanks in advance

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  • Hello n3v; It sounds like a bad font? How about loading it from anoter source.

    My Thoughts George

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    thanks for the reply george, could you perhaps elaborate a little....? 

    I wasnt sure whether perhaps there was a clash between the types of file they were the fact ones a type 1 and the others a true type, it just seems odd that in one version one works and in the other the other works? 

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    Hello n3v; True Type fonts should work in both ver. of Corel you have I don't use Type 1 fonts haven't for years. there is a lot of places you can go for fonts ( a lot of them are free ) you can do a search on the web "free fonts" and you will get a lot of hits. What I do is make a dir. on the hard drive named "Fonts" and save all my fonts there and get Font Nav to search for them there, You can load a lot of fonts in Font Nav and CorelDraw will use them, but if you load over 400 font in the "Windows" font folder you may have all kinds of problems. I only load "Windows" font dir. with what other programs on the computer need ( I have less than 150 fonts loaded in "Windows". And the more fonts loaded in Windows the slower it runs. I delete all of the fonts that don't run well in Font Nav. I do signs and need to match fonts that people send me and I guess I have at least 20,000 fonts all toll. ( NOT ALL LOADED at one time ).


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    George, thanks for the expert advice, sorry my reply has been so delayed, corel had began to slow and I pressume its the extra fonts I have been using, it seems that the easiest answer as you have suggested might be to just use another font, you seem like abit of a font pro so maybe I could pick your brains?....the font I am using is Mrs Eaves, which is a paid font but I have had it some time and dont really want to have to pay again, I was just wondering if you could suggest a similar (free) alternative? It needs to have a bold and an italic and what i particularly like about it is the petite caps option as well, I believe its a variation of Baskerville but again  I think thats an expensive font to actually buy





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    Hello n3v; you could use "What The Font" in the text drop down menu to see if it finds something ( I don't know a Mrs Eaves never heard of it, but I did know a Miss Babby once but my wife made me quite using it !!!!! ) And do a search on the net for "free fonts" and start in the A's. Why not type something and post it on the forum, and someone may be able to to tell you what you can use. ( people here are good at jumping in to help.)


  • I am also having an issue with fonts.

    FonNav is automatically replacing a certain font with another font.  I have cleared the FontNav db file and also deleted all fonts from the left hand panel of FontNav and rebuilt that list.

    I am not sure what is going on now, it is very confusing.

    Also, on one PC the same font is appearing as 'Normal' whilst another PC says it is 'Western'

    Please help.. we have a Style guide here in which we use certain fonts for all printed media.  We cannot have the risk of one of the designers accidentally substituting a font.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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    If the 'missing' font is in the font database and available, Font Navigator should of course suggest it and use it.

    Is it possible that you have the same font in more than one version, or from different vendors?

    Another thing could be that someone has chosen to replace a certain font with another, and added that exception to the list of permanent substitutions. Check Options > Text > Fonts > Panose Font Matching... (button) and Exceptions... (button).

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    I feel your pain Brett. I can't offer a solution but I can verify that
    the same font on different systems can be shown as different styles of
    the same font. For the longest time I had one workstation showing Arial
    Black as Arial Black Black (in BFN) but the exact same file installed on
    two other workstations would show as Arial Black Normal. They were the
    same font and the same file but some setting on that particular
    workstation caused the font to show up differently. If you ever work out
    why that happens please come back and share your findings.

    I upgraded to a new workstation with Win 7 and the problem went away.
    All of our Arial Blacks match again. We still have occasional font
    hiccups but nothing severe or extremely unusual.

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    It needs to have a bold and an italic and what i particularly like about it is the petite caps option as well, I believe its a variation of Baskerville

    Here is a look at both fonts you mentioned:

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    thanks for the reply, you're right their italics are quite similar, but I'm not sure if they're bold and standard roman formats are? Also I know there are alot of variations of the Baskerville font, I think I have a 'baskerville old face' but thats also not quite right. The font I'm trying to use is Mrs eaves and that's definitely in the same family, its just frustrating that I have the font that I want but it wont work in corel. 

  • "the particular font has its roman version as a .PFB and .PFM type 1 font whilst the italics and bold version is a true type font"

    In that case, you do not really have "the" particular font, you have two conflicting fonts.

    Windows cannot (or at least, does not, in my experience) cope with this. It can mix truetype and type 1 when they are completely separate fonts, but is confused if it sees what appears to be two different versions of the same font family.

    You can imagine this as the two versions of the font "fighting" each other internally ... is that dualling or duelling ?  But it is a "battle" that neither font will win conclusively and, as you've found, the results can be somewhat unpredictable.

    I think you need to eradicate both versions of those fonts, and find one font which has all four variants.


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    You may be on to something here Harry!

    Thanks Brute-Fish, it's nice to know others are having the same problem.  I now have an even more confusing dilemma.. I think it may be a corrupt font causing it all.  But on one of our PC's the windows fonts have all gone haywire and now there is no 'checkbox' next to the folders when we try to 'find fonts'.  In fact I can't check any boxes next to any folders to search for fonts.  God I hate fonts! I tried to do one thing and have one central location where we deposit all fonts.

    This all happened when we scrolled over the font Square BT inside of FontNav.

    Something I would like added to FontNav would be a font group for Windows fonts.  Then you could un-install everything except for Windows fonts and re-import them all.  We have one staff member who has 3,500 fonts installed and there is no way I can quickly revert back to something more manageable.

    To conclude, I have one more issue with Windows 7 and font management.  My system shows all installed fonts (348 to be exact) another PC in the office shows only 10 fonts, yet FontNav is saying there is over 440?  I'm ready to give up, I know eventually this is going to be the cause of a massive production dilemma.

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    You might want to try Font Frenzy (freeware at It has a DeFrenzy
    feature that will uninstall all fonts except the original Windows fonts.
    It also has a snapshot feature so you can create a font restore point
    once you have a good set of fonts installed without going overboard.

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    Hi Brute-Fish,

    Cheers, I'll give it a crack but it appears it only restores XP and Vista, there isn't an option for Win 7 :(

    It's a great Idea that FontNav should incorporate.