Simple intersecting of two letters

Hi, new to coreldraw.  I can intersect two letters, but the top letter crosses the bottom letter twice:  the first instance needs to be over, and the second instance needs to be under.  Have tried everything but cannot get it the way I need it.    Can anyone help?


  • There's a lot of ways to create this effect. For example, intesect both letters (choose "intersect" on the propierty bar) and change colors

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    the CDR file


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    Thanks.  That is exactly the effect that I need, and I will try that.  The letters will have a different color, gap outline as well.

  • Hello Wheelhouse; This was done by converting to curves and editing the nodes.



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    Many, many ways like Ariel says

    Here's a visual  that I posted years and years (oh my goodness) years ago



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    Thank you for your reply.  I see what you are doing.  But when I break contour group apart it turns into a big blob and does not work like you show.  What am I missing?  Did you turn into curves?  Thanks.

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    Thanks again.  Did I mention that I am very new to this?  It does not work for me.  I have been trying things and reading for a few hours now, and I just don't get it.  What steps are missing?  Your chart is very simple, but no dice.  Appreciate all of  your help.

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    Hello Wheelhouse,

    According to Ariel's tip, watch this video:

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    Thank you!  That worked.  However, I have a double gap outline created by contour....only the fill is changed, and not the contour layers (2).  Is this a quick fix like the video you sent me?  Thanks.

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    Let's see if I understood correctly your question...

    If your object have external boundary, to change its color, right click on the corresponding color palette. Assuming that the object is red and has a boundary with different color, select the object and then right click on the corresponding color (in this example, red) in palette.

    To eliminate boundary, select object and right click in "X"  as shown below:


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    In the video you so kindly sent me, at one point you can fill another color to see what has been intersected, break apart and then fill with the appropriate color.  With a contour boundary, the boundary does not "fill" with another color, and I cannot change the contour/boundary color(s), only the original text.  So while the text intersects correctly, the contour color/boundary remains as originally created.

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    Silvio, further to my last, this is where I am.  Ready to change colors, but there are the original text and contour colors.  Is this possible this way?




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    Another one worth a try is to use the virtual segment delete tool. You might need to convert the text to curve first and only keep an outline color. And one more is to use the smart fill tool (again, convert to curves and outline color only).


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    A new method (simple and easier). Before starting, keep this option marked (see pic. below):

    and watch video:

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    good idea, thanks for sharing a „new trick“Big Smile