Downloading new fonts to Corel X4

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I'm trying to download free fonts to corel X4 but it does not seem to be working?? Can someone tell me how we do this? Little confused


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  • Fonts are installed on the operating system, and can be used in all Windows-based programs. You can install directly through Control Panel / Fonts, or using a font manager software, such as Bitstream Font Navigator, included in the CorelDRAW X4 suite.

  • I would not recommend what Ariel has suggested. If you are frequent Corel user, don't use Bitstream Font Navigator, it will consistently show you font missing messages. Do this 1-2-3 operation.

    1. Download the font to a specially created folder so you can easily identify which fonts you have installed freshly,

    2. Copy and paste the font file in the C:/windows/Fonts folder

    3. Remember the name of the font (as it appears in the filename) and remove later if you are using a low-end machine and don't want to overload the OS with too many fonts. If this is not a concern, just leave it never know when it will come in handy.


    I have a machine with 2 GB ram and 160 GB hard disk space and I've installed over 4,000 fonts without adversely affecting the speed.


    Have fun.

  • In reply to cognetsol:

    What I said is not "what I would suggested" but the normal and traditional way to install fonts. By default, the fonts are managed by the system. Of course, it's the same to open Control Panel /fonts that copy and past to the Windows/Fonts folder. Also, you can drag and drop fonts to install. All it's the same.

    You don like to use FontNavigator? don't use it. It is not mandatory. It's not the best software and it's not perfect, but has some advantages.

    - You can see a font without install it, and can change the preview text
    - When you open a CorelDRAW document, if some fonts are missing, FontNavigator allows you to install automatically or replace.
    - Also, you can install a font temporarily, only while the document is open
    - You can find duplicated fonts, or create a catalog with you installed fonts, or print fonts samples.
    - If you want to copy one or more fonts to a new folder, you can select and press Ctrl+C, and select the folder (also allows to create a new one automatically). You can use it to manage your fonts alphabetically

    Dou you like 3-steps process? try this:

    1 - download or copy all your fonts to an specific folder
    2 - open FontNavigator and choose "find fonts" to create a new database
    3 - enjoy!

    I use CorelDRAW for several years. Of course, FontNavigator is not the best fon manager, but it's a good solution. I have more than 85.400 fonts, although I only use a few. I install all what I need, and unistall when I finish. Problems? Never. For this reason, I recommend this process, because I've tried for years, with many people and different systems, and causes no problems.

    Do you like to install 4.000? of course, you can, but I have seen several problems if there's hundred of fonts installed. Sometimes, if you have more then 1000 fonts, Windows does not recognize a new font when you install it. Or if you uninstall a font, the same font returns again on restart.

    Have you ever used a Macintosh? Mac users boast of having a perfect operating system, powerful computers and stability without comparison. Of course, not all is true, but they love theirs computers, and compares with a harley-davidson or ferrari. Well, in this wonderful world and with a powerful operating system (according to all its users say), nobody uses more than 40 fonts, and use Mac for design or prepress. In Windows (we all know that has limitations and problems) most people use hundreds of fonts. Result? Mac has less problems

    I've never seen anyone that really uses more than one hundred at the same time, even with multiple jobs. The problem is that we are lazy to install and then remove, so we prefer to accumulate fonts, until one day our system collapses.

    Are you happy with 4,000 fonts? Good, but do not think this is a wise piece of advice for all. Many people smoke or drink much and never had problems, and this does not prove that it is good advice for others.


    have a nice day!



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  • In reply to cognetsol:


    I respectfully disagree. Having 4000 installed fonts is a very bad idea. I
    use (and have used) Bitstream Font Navigator constantly over the past 8-10
    years and don't get messages about missing fonts unless the fonts are truly
    missing. Clearly you don't have your fonts and BFN configured properly.
  • Thank for everyones help!