Help, I just tried to load my new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 and they requested a "Serial Number"  If it was on the BOX that the CD came in, then I'm S.O.L., as I threw the box away last week and put the CD in a holder. Now today I tried to load it and do not have a serial number. SHEESH!!! How dumb can one get.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • If you purchased a legal copy of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, the serial number should be on a sticker on the back of the DVD Sleave. If you cannot find it, please contact the Corel Customer Service ( with your proof of purchase information.

    As a side note, the box itself is part of the proof of purchase normally... you will therefore most certainly be asked for a reciept or invoice that proves you purchased CorelDRAW legally... you would be amazed by how many people try to get free serial numbers Cool