Draw X4 instruction manual

Does anyone know how I can get a download (hopefully free) for the instruction/operating manual.  I purchased X4 on line yesterday and did not realize that I should have checked the box version.

Thanks Rusty

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  • Here are the options that you could choose from:

    1.  Contact Corel Sales and purchase the manuals and DVD. You need to have proof of purchase of the d/l purchase. This will be a small fee for the costs of the materials and the shipping of the same. Note, that this will include many extras which  are not available with the online purchase option.

    2.  Purchase Foster's Unleashed ebook from unleash.com. This is the best, third party reference that you can find on-line.

    3.  Scour the book sellers for third party books, hopefully for one that is current (relates to X4 and not limited to some earlier version of CorelDRAW, i.e.: Ver. 12 or earlier).

    4.  For online training in Corel, there are web sites, such as lvsonline.com, for online training in CorelDRAW and such.


  • Rusty, assuming you have installed the program, when you look in your Start menu under the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 folder, is there not a folder called Documentation? The PDF User Guide should have been included even in the download version. If not, somebody needs to seriously holler at Corel.

    Val P.

  • A pdf of the user guide is includied with the boxed version -- I would expect it would also be part of the downloaded version.


    Paul Riemerman