Using Corel x4 to draw Manga

I am wondering if anyone uses the drawing tools such as brazier tool etc. in CorelDraw to create Manga Art.  I have Corel x3 on my laptop under Vista and I have played around with it a little, but I have a new PC running Windows7 and apparently x3 won't work so I will have to buy x4 full version since my x3 CD was broken.  I hate the steep price, but if it is a viable way to go for drawing Manga I guess I will swallow very hard and do it.  A lot of money for a hobby tho;(

I am not all that good at taking a pencil and drawing, but when I can draw a line in Corel and then adjust it, I do ok...

Any information would be helpful....thank you

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  • There is an animated comedy series that runs on, I believe, The Comedy Channel, that is called "South Park". The characters are created in CorelDRAW and then exported to another software application, for the animation portion of the creation.

    I use the bezier tool, along with a few other tools, to create drawings. I am not into anime creation, but the CorelDRAW tools I use would be the same that any person would use to create anime drawings.

    To see what some of the possibilities are, with CorelDRAW, look over the Galleries section of this web site, it may give you some ideas, also. And as you progress, you will probably end u with questions on technique. There are plenty of people, on this forum, that would be glad to help you learn more about Corel's CGS.

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    Thank you so much:)  I have messed with it a little, and looked high and low for perhaps a tutorial where someone actually did it with Corel where they talked you through it.  I have seen some tutorials where they did a time lapsed drawing with unknown program, but you can't really tell what or how they are doing it and it is more frustrating than helpful:)

    I have managed to make some incredible looking eyes, but I bet my method would cause people that know what they are doing to laugh themselves silly, but there just isn't anything I can find.....

    I have looked in the gallery, but I haven't found much in the way of Manga so far but I have seen some portraits that are absolutely incredible.  Amazing...what talent is on board here!

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    I used to look for manga style tutorials for Draw as well but never really found any. For what it's worth here is a link to a tutorial I created for drawing in a very simplified style:

    Hope it helps :)

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    Thank you for that.  I would have given an arm and a leg for that when I first jumped into Corel, but I have poked and tested enough to have figured most of that out already.  What it does demonstrate to me however is that I am beginning to think that no one uses Corel Draw to create manga in the way I am attempting to do.  Allow me to tell you what I have done so far.

    I have used the brazier tool to draw the head shape, which gives me a symmetrical shape which for me would be near impossible otherwise.  I tend toward lopsided with a free hand;/  The mouth and nose are formed the same way.  I use the brazier tool to outline the eye, and make any other shapes I need around the eye.

    I duplicate the basic eye shape and use transparencies to provide shading to in the eye, I use countours for the pupil, and I make a star with a whole bunch of points so the lines are thin to use as the lines in the eye.

    I make a line that follows the eyelash line.  I then pull that away and rotate it straight up, then I pull it with the destortion tool, which makes pretty cool eyelashes.  Pull it at a bit of a slant to have the lashes on one end longer than the other. 

    I have used artistic media for eyebrows, but that is just too "hard".  I need to find a way to make "hair" for the eyebrows.

    My biggest problem is head hair.  When I get to that point, it all goes down hill from there, from the basic shape of it right on through.  It is truly awful;/

    This is why I was looking for a tutorial so I could put something someone else had done right on the page that would allow me to see and touch piece by piece exactly how things were done, and/or a video with WORDS, not music:)

    I love the star trek guy you did.  That is pretty cool:)

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    I got the same sense about the users of Corel Draw as well- they don't try to make Manga with it. Myself, I found that there were no decent pre-set brush strokes to apply to a line and any of the ones I made were distorted or didn't look good consistantly.

    I think this is something the Corel people should work on- it's not a credit to the software to hear that 'SouthPark' was created with it- the nastiest and most primitive cartoon to ever show up on t.v.

    What you describe in working progress sounds a lot like most of the Corel stuff I've seen although there are exceptions- most obviously in the gallery pages of this site. I'm kind of at a standstill with it artistic wise- which is how I came to start drawing Star Trek people- lol

    Good luck with it! Big Smile

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    Yea, you told me about South Park, which I had not heard of before.  I am basically not into cartoons.  So I looked it up.  My gosh what a nasty gross infuriating piece of garbage that is, and the characters design wise are no credit to Corel.  My 6 year old grandson can do that well for pete sakes.


    I am wondering about maybe going back and forth between photo-paint and corel.  Is there a program where that people use where they use vector shapes to create Manga rather than "draw" it as if it is pencil on paper?  Wish I could attach something I would show you an eyeball.  Eww that sounded gross:)


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    Actually the pen tool ( vector tool ) is present in Corel Photopaint- and you can apply brush strokes to the paths you create in it. I tried it once a long time ago but there was a lot I didn't understand back then...might give it a go again.

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    Hmm, you mean you can make lines you made in draw look like they were made with a paint brush?  I figured out a way to show you a picture.  This is a web page I have been in the process of building for a while....too busy to get it done, so it ends up storing stuff for me:)  I popped an image up there for you to take a look at.

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    nice eye- done in Draw, right?

    To answer your question: yes, it should look like paint strokes...I just tried it quickly and posted here: needs work!

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    Yes, I did it all i draw.  I made the shapes with the brazier tool, I used a radial transparency on the eyeball, I used a contour and mesh fill on the iris of the eye and I made the lines in the eye using a poly star.  I haven't added eyelashes yet.  I have done that before using the destortion tool, but I don't like the look of that.  I need to figure out another way to do that w/o having to draw and shape each individual lash. 

    What you did in paint looks interesting.  I will give it a try too later.

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    Hi, seems I am among experts of draw so i hope you wouldn't mind answering this question....

    I am creating some illustrations showing how things are assembled in designer x4, the objects are created in AutoCAD, I then transfer these in to corel in the view required and to add colour. I need to add some people positioned correctly in the illustration... how would you go about doing this?

    I have currently taken some photographs of a colleague stood in the correct postions and intend to trace this on to the illustration though it seems a time consuming process. Is this the correct technique or am i missing something?

    Thanks for any replies.

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    For me to respond to this as an "expert" would probably be the most outlandish thing to happen on this plant in the past week.  I am at best an expert at tinkering with Corel.  Unfortunately it seems that is the way most people learn because there are few good tutorials out there to help people figure out what is even possible in draw.  If I had one wish it would be that Corel users would have access to the free training videos that photoshop users have.  Of course that would not be the responsibility of Corel, but rather that of the true expert users in their more generous moments.

    I am not sure of what you are asking.  What it seems like is that you have made some vector objects in some other program and imported them into corel.  I am not sure what you mean in the view required.  All I know about view is wire frame vs enhanced view etc, and so far as I know if you want color you need to be in enhanced mode.  So lets assume that is where you are.  And likewise I will assume that your objects are something like a table, a chair and a computer and a vending machine, and I will assume you want your person to be standing in front of the video machine.

    What I would do is position all my objects the way I want them and I would import the photograph you took of the person in the proper position into Corel.  I would then convert that photo to a bitmap, then edit bitmap, which will take it into photo paint.  In photo paint you can remove the background, save it as a jpg and import it back into your project or you can just copy it and paste it back in there.  Delete the original photograph that is in corel, position your no background photo and there you go.

    If that is not what you are trying to do......I don't know what it might be....sorry;/

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    Thanks for reply,

    Yeah that is what i am currently doing, however I only need simple detail so all i am doing is tracing over the person in the photo with multipoint line.

    The view required is the 3D view I need of the objects as these are supplied to me as 3d models, I can simply take a snapshot of the model which then produces a vector drawing. So whats left is to simply (or more difficultly) add people! 

    They are just basic illustrations that i am creating, nothing fancy, but was just wondering how "people" are drawn in general.

    I agree that corel lacks tutorials but I think that you could pick up a lot from watching the adobe tutorials. Its just a slighty different layout, in photo-paint, you can actually select to have the photoshop layout!

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    I found a tutorial for adobe illustrator and it seems that program is more like paint than draw.  Am I mistaken or???  They generally make sketches that they turn into vector art.  I am trying to make it vector from the start, which is apparently very wierd:)


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    Just a quick point, but I draw a weekly comic called "Disclosure" which although isnt Manga, it is produced solely in Draw using a Wacom and Artistic Media. I do use Bitmap textures and some effects but the main body of the comic is vector based.

    If you want to take a look, my site address is in my signature below. (I dont sell anything from my site and all work on there is produced using Corel X4)