No asset found for trial download (license ID: 540228824)

Let me start by saying that nothing gave me as many headaches as Corel Draw X4 so far. First previews weren't showing, then I had problems installing on another PC, now I got this problem.

I run the install normally, I enter a legit key and the rest of the installation goes just fine. Then, after the first launch, I get that error message and a few days of trial left.

The message is: No asset found for trial download (license ID: 540228824) with x days left, source type 1, lang it and source ID 810007.

I've ran a few google searches but nothing was helpful, so I figured I'd ask here.

I hope someone can help.

Thank you.

  • Hello kagemitsu; X5 is the Ver. that has the trial down load now, If you are trying to load X4 uninstall the X5 and you should be able to load it. Make sure you down load all the patches for it, and Windows also.
      I have found that X4 is the best CorelDraw I have ever used ( I have not tryed X5, not even the Trial. )

    My Thoughts George

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