I want to convert a ms-word file to corel


       I want to convert a ms-word file to any  version with 112 pages, needed to fit page on page. Can i do so please help someone!

thanks Umar mansoor


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  • Is the file text only? Does it have graphics? If so are they illustrations or photographs?

  • mansoor
    with 112 pages


    That's a biggie, graphics will make this one tough.

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    Not just graphics, but formatting will be a problem too in my opinion.

    You could print your word document as a PDF using something like DeskPDF from Docudesk, then open the document within Corel. It should retain formatting that way. Ive just tried it and it works fine

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    The question on my mind is "Why?" Is there a compelling reason to take it from Word to Draw?

    112 Pages is not Draw's sweet spot. Documents of this size are better suited to a program like Ventura.

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    I think the bottom line is, it CAN be done via a work aorund or otherwise, but is it worth doing?
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    Of course it can.

    Print to PDF and import the PDF is how I would tackle it as a one off if the layout must remain the same.  I've done it before on 8 page docs but never on a 112.  


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     Hello Rikk Flohr,

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    Thank you, Paul. It is always great to hear someone actually saw my work. Much better than Website Statistics!

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    If you're using Word 2007, you can save as a PDF, and then import the PDF into DRAW

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    Thank you all so much for being good helpers. 

    Actully the file i mentoined is a full color book contains graphics, page formatting, header and footer and so does page number. The graphics and text are of different colors. I need to apply color saperation to print each color for a large account of copies. If some one has got know about color separation in Ms-word expcept corel draw. 

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    If you're using Word 2007, you can save as a PDF, and then import the PDF into DRAW

    That would work great on a few pages, but on more then 200 of them, I don't know?
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    Rikk Flohr
    Of course it can. Print to PDF and import the PDF

    Yes, this is the best way. For prevent error or a too big file, you can print with only a few pages (20, for example) in each file.


    MS Word don't use CMYK mode, only works in RGB. For this reason, you can't create a good color separation from MS Office. CorelDRAW allos to create an easy conversion, but perhaps you must correct some items if you need an exact color. For example, if you want a "red" color with only 100% of magenta and yellow, perhaps the red color of Word is not the same percentage, but you cand go to the Edit menu / find and replace, and easily change it

  •  Did you try exporting the MS word document file as asci text and then importing into Corel?

    Usually I can just do a CTRL A to select all text in word and then do a copy - open a corel file and click - hold down and drag a text box and hit ctrl V to paste