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Vector cutting using Corel Draw X4

 don't konw if any other user out the has come across this problem but I need a higher definition vector output . I am using Corel Draw X4 version as the controlling software to output to my Trotec Laser for engraving and cutting. The output for engraving is stunning and am totally happy with that but the vector output for cutting is not to the quality I need. Does anyone know if there are any settings within Corel Draw to increase the quality, definition, smoother tool path for the vector output. At the moment I am using 1000 DPi setting with vector cutting but this is still not satisfactory. At the moment the curvres are coming out faceted (if only slightly) and I have a requirement for perfect job. The laser will handle the quality if I was to go to CAM software but cannot afford or warrant the cost for just this one off job. Any hint or help would be gratefully recieved.

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  • I don't understand What Corel Draw X4 version is or where a setting of 1000 DPI is made. Is this some other Corel software or are you simply cutting from Corel Draw X4? I have had what seemed like a problem like you are having, happen to me. I discovered that  what appeared to be a smooth curve was actually a series of of straight segments connected together. It was some clipart I had pasted into the design. I think this may be your case also since without any 'settings' at all (other than the outlines set to hairline) being made, my Roland will cut perfectly smooth curves with absolutely no facets. Perhaps you can test this yourself by creating a simple file in Corel Draw of an an elipse and see what happens when to try and cut the file. - Scotty  

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    Check your cut line with eh shape tool (F10). You may need to clean up the nodes. Mak sur ethe object has the least amount of nodes necessary to keep the shape

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    Thank you for the fast replies and yes I appreciate both comments and understand the vector opperation and how it works (been a corel user for 10 years), keeping the nodes down to mimimum etc. I think I have worded the question wrongly really. What I wanted to know is are the any settings to alter the post processing output from Corel Draw to increase accuracy. It seems that the output from the Corel draw print files are simplified for normal printing which for 99% of the time is not even noticed let alone worried about but in this case I am using the laser to cut out fine gaskets on thin material. The vector output on screen is perfect with minimal nodes but once out to the laser the information seems to get abrieviated and hence to faceted curves. The Laser is capable of perfect curves so I can only imagine it is something that is happening between the drawing and laser input. This is why I was wondering if there were any settings that controlled the vectore output?

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    Got ya now.  Indeed this has to do with output. what are you exporting the file as.  maybe a dif type is needed if available. I am assuming you are using DXf as your export filter?  Which verion are you using and can you use a different one?


    Honestly I do not cut and just going from memory with other posts I have read




  • Laserman,

    I'm guessing the problem is with the Trotec driver. CorelDRAW sends it
    vectors and it "renders" the cutline. While I've never used a Trotec, I am
    very familiar with Epilog and Universal and I've never seen such a problem.
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    The file used is a .TSF ???

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    Im with Foster on this. I searched for issues with trotec and corel on google and dint come up with anyhting. 

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    Can your laser software use a DXF file or do you only have the Trotec drivers?



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    TSF is not a native CorelDRAW file and thus isn't printed directly from
    CorelDRAW. This points to the driver or something else Trotec-related.
    Typically a laser driver receives data directly from CorelDRAW and the
    cutline is simply defined as a specific color in CorelDRAW.