bending an object

Right now I use PhotoPaaint to do this with a plugin called PageCurl Pro...however it's bitmap image an even at 300 dpi and converted Traed there are way to many node to clean up and fix jagged areas...if I had no needo have a vectro versin then PP plugin would be fine.

 I did search the forum and found an excellent tutorial on bending but that was using lightwave and renderin ginside lightwave for the final bitmap I have created an a flat object in LW and used teh bend tool to curl teh oject..and export as EPS file..however teh oject is not smooth and becuae teh spline values are that the lines go straight from node to point . Which meand taking a zillion lines convereting to curve then adjustint each line tot eh correct shape way to long for profession job


The envelope tool is rather simplistic in what fuction it can perform...doe s anyone know of technique that will allow me to bend and objectfor example curl paper. 


so does anyone know of tutorail or plugin for Corel that will allow object to bend based on control points for the object and not an envelop which control ponts are based on the nevlope not the object


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  • Hi SD,

    I am a Photo-Paint fanatic and far less experienced/skilled in Draw. I am sorry to attach such a dismally poor file for you to look at, but it may give you some ideas. I have made a simple rectangle and then created a page curl effect and the whole thing took about 2-3 mins! If I knew what your image looked like I would probably have some more ideas for you.

    The bottom line is..... use shapes and transparencies to build up the effect you want.

    Best regards,

    Vector Page Curl.cdr
  • Dog,

    I attached a file to this post. Take a look at it and let me know if this is what you're looking for. If so I can give you my method for creating curls completely in Draw.

    Frank Olivio

    Curled Star 1.cdr
  • In reply to folivio:

    Thanks Brian and Folivio...these are good and in a pintch, and is what usually do I am looking for plugin that will will interact with a Corldraw object tha twill actually bend it based on nodes or cotnrol poin t of the object NOT LIKE TEH ENVELOPE TOOL whci uses a confined box...this is inevefect and not very be able to manupulate an object as a mesh  be great