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I drew two curves using the Bezier tool. I am trying to join the two curves by attching one end node of the first curve to an end node of the second curve. This does not work. In the end I would like to do the same with the second end node of the first curve (namely attach it to the second end node of the second curve), so that I obtain a closed curve.

Any help is appreciated.



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  • You can reach, add, remove, edit, break, join... nodes with the Shape tool.

    To join nodes of 2 separate curves, you have to Combine them into 1 curve and then Select and Join nodes:

    1. Select both curves with the Pick too
    2. On the Property Bar, click the Combine button

    Now you have one compound curve with 2 sub-paths

    1. Select the curve with Shape tool
    2. Select the 2 nodes you want to join
    3. On the Property Bar, click the Join button


    While the compound curve is selected with the Pick tool, just double-click the curve to  switch to the Nodes Mode automatically(without the need to switch the tool and reselect the curve).

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    Hi guys, thank you, I seen now how it can be done.

    It is the Combine part that I overlooked before.

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    Thank you Adril :)