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Printing on Avery 5164 label stock - template?

Hi all,

New X4 user here. I had been using CorelDraw8, and recently moved to Coreldraw x4. I use Avery 5164 label stock to make labels for bottles of good stuffs that I give as gifts. I had designed a template for the Avery 5164 label in coreldraw8, and am having trouble printing with it in x4.

I'd open the template, import the label I wanted, place it in the template, control D to make 5 more copies, place them appropriately, then print.. 

When I do that in x4, everything shifts left, and the print doesn't fit the label stock properly.

Any ideas? Do I need to make a new template? Can I import a template from Avery?




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  • Try this...

    Go to Layout->Page Setup & in the page options find & select labels.

    Then on the right also select labels again to activate the labels selections

    Scroll down & in the "Avery Lsr/Ink group" you will find your specific label number.

    Select it and click OK

    You now have a page of a single label to design as you like & when you print it should fill your avery paper correctly.

    Hope it helps

  • In reply to Andrew:

    Very helpful, but not quite right. When I print, the label overlaps the label stock. If I hit print > print preview, I can see that the image doesn't exactly fit on the label stock, even though it's smaller (shorter)  than the Avery label size in the label selection.  I end up with 3 printed pages, 1 with the label, and 2 with bleed over from the top/bottom of the label.

  • In reply to Ray:

    Interesting. What dimension is you designed label. Perhaps you could post the label or an outline of it, copy and paste it in a new cdr and post it here so we could take a look to see what may be happening. Are these address labels you are printing or some type of product label?

    From you description, it sounds as though your printable area of your printer does not have the capability handle the label sheet dimensions. At least the specs I have for the 5164 labels. There is a 1/16" side margin. My desk-jet has a wider print margin (.25") and cannot print the 5164 labels, for instance. At least not to the edges of the the label. Check your settings in the print preview for "issues". Printers that print to the edges of the page (8.5 x 11) should not have a problem.

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