X4 Standard Tool Bar Options Grayed Out

Just started having issues with the standard tools in X4.  Items like Save, Save As, Print, Cut, Export, Copy, etc. are all greyed out and not working at all.  I've restarted the program & the computer with no luck. 

Any ideas?

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    I installed Corel x4 suite (upgrade from V11).  Photo-paint works fine. Draw however has these needed functions grayed out( save, print, preview, export - and publish to pdf results in a blank page). I installed the program to both a Dell mini-tower core duo 4gb Ram XP3 machine as well as a Toshiba satellite core duo 4gb Ram win7 64bit laptop, program has same issue on both machines. Draw is running in a trial version format not full version. I never installed a trial version. I do not want to run the installer cleaner  for XP/vista on my win7 64bit machine for obvious reasons.... may try it on the XP3 tower.  Tried tech support live chat but was told to run the uninstaller protocol as only option. Holding down F8 did not work either.