Wapping text

why cant i wrap text around a round object ?? i followed the instructions.


i want to wrap text around the outside of a circle.


can anyone help me ? 

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    What exactly did you do?


    To fix text around a circle, you should be using the Fit text to Path option.

    Is that what you tried? 

  • The finesse of the work would largely depend on which version of corel you are using, with X4 giving you the best results and earlier versions a little less than perfect, but it is more or less the same.


    Follow these instructions closely:


    1. Place your paragraph text box where you want it.

    2. Place the circular object where you want it and make sure it is above the paragraph text box (i.e. "Arrange", "Order", "To front of Page" - the shortcut for this is highlight the circular object and hit <Ctrl + Home>

    3. With the circular object highlighted i.e. select right click then click on "wrap paragraph text"

    4. From the property command bar (the one just below the main menu bar), click on the wrap paragraph text icon. It should give you options as follows: wrapping style : none; square and contour. You need to select the contour one - with text flowing left or right or straddling as you wish. In case you are straddling, the text then split your paragraph text box into more than one column or it won't wrap.

    5. At the very bottom of the same window you should get options to increase or decrease your "text wrap offset." which is the gutter width or breathing space between the round object and the margin of your paragraph text.

    6. Is it possible that you have done all of the above and not selected the contour optino in the wrap text option.


    Since you seem to be a new user, kindly note that you might be encountering the problem if you are doing any of the following:


    1. If your round object is a photograph and not a vector based drawing. But do not despair. All you need to do is to use the ellipse tool to draw a circle over the picture and then give it no outline and no fill. Then repeat the same procedure above. There are other ways of doing it, but for the time being even this will do.

    2. If your text is artistic text and not paragraph text, it will not work. Again do not despair. Draw a paragraph text box by clicking on the Text type tool and with left mouse button depressed click and drag. Then paste your text there. If you use Corel 11 or later then use the arrow tool to select the typed text and hit <Ctrl + F8>

    If you have any further problem, do mail or call me: my number is +91 (that's India) and my cellphone is 94361.61402 my mail is: sanjay.sharma.cognet@gmail.com

    If you're wondering why I am taking pains to explain this much, it is because I had no one to guide me during my self-learning days and I promised myself then that if I ever learned properly I would go out of my way to help others.


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    That's what wrapping text is called by the way. In case you meant what Jersey girl said, then that's the solution. In case you want to wrap your paragraph text in radials emanating outwards around the circle do tell me. If there is anything else draw a pic and mail...I'll see what I can do.


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     thank you coloryourworld!


     this is what i wanted to do.


    BTW: im using X4

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    Did the tip I send you work? Glad to be of help anyway.




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    Sanjay Sharma.


    Your brief is clear enough, for more convenience I attached a screenshot.


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    May I suggest two more moves to make your design look neater.


    1. Justify the text (right now it is left aligned).

    2. Split the columns in the paragraph box to make it less complicated to read the text. Right now a reader will get confused since it is the tendency of the human eye (in conventional English texts) to read left to right and return to left again


    Check it out. I think you will tend to agree.



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    sometimes, it's important to know the correct word or name. In this case, what Swiper want is Fit text to Path, not wrap text.

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    ariel is correct.



    thank you to all !