HEY ER'1!!

i want to give some text i am creating for a design i am doing an outline. what im actually trying to do is create a stencil of text to paint onto a surface. im going to convert it into a vector so i can then export it into my plotter software, but i cant figure out how to give the text an outline (kinda like VARSITY style has a thick border around it and u can change the color of that border).

can someone please help?

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  • Hi,

    The best way would probably be to create a contour using the contour tool. Select your shape and click on the contour tool which is on the toolbar on the left towards the bottom, or got to effects > contour on the menu. The contour toolbar will appear for that tool above. These are the properties for it such as Inline, oultine, fill color etc.

    Apply the effect to the shape with desired settings.


  • The contour tool is the tool to use. It usely works best to export the file as a hairline for cutting.


  • Since you are posting in a PhotoPaint Fourm and mentioned converting to Vectors later, I am guessing you are using Photo Paint.. Why not use Corel Draw for your Text work. (Or the whole design if possible)

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    THANKS!!! that's exactly what i was talking about. im happy u were able to understand my request. im a very visual person so often i try to explain something in words and it doesnt come out right.


    (i think im gonna really like this forum :D)

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    In CorelDRAW

    Another option: You can add an outline thickness (F12) you wish(*) and fill in the text with white (or blank - which makes the text transparent). You can even convert to vector, pressing Ctrl + Shift + Q > however, text will no longer be editable, but you still have the advantage of applying gradient to the contour.

    (*) Select the text and RIGHT click on any color in palette.

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    > Hi,
    > The best way would probably be to create a contour using the contour tool.

    Except that there is no Contour tool in Photopaint (and this is a PP forum).
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    Sorry Jack,

    I'm new here n didnt notice i was int a PP forum. I am using Corel Draw.

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    It's fine. Half of us responders didn't notice either.