How can I change color of a JPG image?

I am trying to create a neat desktop wallpaper for my work. I downloaded a JPG that I like alot, but its blue with lines and other slashes, etc through it. I want to change these blue shades to red shades, but its a JPG...

 anyone know how I can do this? Thanks

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  • You could try to use the "Adjust>Hue-Saturation_Lightness" tool to adjust the overall color of the picture. There really is no easy way to do this, you would have to make selections or masks for each part of the image you want to change and then use the Hue-Saturation-Lightness tool to change the colors.

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    here is the image Im trying to change to red


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    Load into PhotoPaint X4

    Create an object

    Fill with Red

    Change the blend mode to Hue

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    wow, you are awesome!!!! thank you 

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    That image looks terrible, quality I mean. Why don't you darw it back? you can easily do that in Draw and using the transparency tool!
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    And you can also try to use the Adjust> Replace colours?? That is if the colour you like to chaneg isnt all over tha image, on places you dont like to change.

    You could even try an old classic, Magic Wand tool, and then the Bucket fill with the new colour Big Smile
    As Alfred said, there is no quick fix in this, especially when one DONT know how the image looks like.

    Good luck

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    Oh, I just saw that you gave us a link, good.  Yes, Rikk´s advice ROCKS!
    For those who dont know about, or where to find it, the Blend mode Hue.
    You find it in the Docker. In the top field where it might say "Normal", thats the Merge Modes. Scroll down, and there you go: HUE.
    There really is a lot of great Merge modes to use.

    Here is a sample of making "Rikks" HUE effect, and making the "Replace colour" effects. In this I choosed Red in the Replace colour, and also change the red an extra time to a slightly darker red. Rikk´s suggestion is quicker though.

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    Hi Stefan

    I am looking at the docker and have no idea what you mean where to find it.



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    Hi grpc12,

    the last post in this thread was 2008! lol.

    If you are asking where to find the merge mode "Hue" then you must have an Object (Layer) first. Merge modes affect how an Object blends with whatever is below it. Click on the New Object button at the bottom of the Object Docker and then fill the new Object with red (in this particular example). At the top of the Object Docker you will see a drop-down box with "Normal" in it and a text box with 100 in it. Click on the drop-down box to choose a different merge mode (Hue in this particular instance) and adjust the Opacity slider (which starts out at 100) to taste.


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