One picture in Corel Photo-Paint X5 and Adobe Photosohop CS5

One picture opened in Photo-Paint and Photoshop.

I constantly see this "effect" with different versions Corel Photo-Paint on different computers and different images (all hi-res images). In 100% view image look not good too.

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    Thanks for all!

    Jesus Cota, your screenshots are small. :( But look at the roof of the building on your example and on the floor on my photo.

    Jeff harrison, Photoshop 7 example looking good. Photo-Paint example is bad. I see same picture in my Photo-Paint.

    Ariel, Jeff harrison make this work for me. :) I see same differents with this images.

    This is my full size photo from camera. Simple photo, just for example, you can download it and open in Photo-Paint to compare with my screenshots.

    This photo opened in Adobe Photoshop CS5 (25% zoom).

    This photo opened in Corel Photo-Paint X5 (25% zoom).

    Print Preview in Corel Photo-Paint X5. Image looking fine, like in Adobe Photoshop.

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    To see full size images on imageshack, please copy direct link to image from right sidebar.

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    Hi Dmitry. You're right, I notice the problem when the image is more or less tight to the window (But from my point of view is not a terrible thing)
    Although I do not think is very significant, but should be corrected. Great things are made of other small that seem insignificant, but in sum is the same.

    The attention and correction to big and small details make a great product.

    Good observation

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    It was not terrible, this is terrible. :) One more example.