Cannot "Save", "Save as..." nor "Export" files in Corel PhotoPaint X5

While "Draw" of Coreldraw X5 is working well, Corel Photopaint X5 does not "Save", "Save as..." or "Export" files. It just does nothing, when I choose to save a file under "something.cpt". It works, as long as it is a JPG, but not as a CPT. I am working on a Win7, with CorelX5 in german. Support told me to reinstall... thank you very much. I did, and after hours the same problem occured. Its obvious that they have no clue.

Has anybode encounterd the same problem?

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    Jeff, thank you very much, that worked. I can "save" and so on now with just starting CPT. I do not know which other consequences that has to the program, running it in a compatibility mode.

    I don't foresee any problems BUT this is a workaround until we figure what's really going on...

    I can continue working now, thanks again

    Glad to help, I am in same boat...

    Now, I cannot drag&drop pictures from Windows Explorer into CPT
    Yes, same new problem here. crazy...