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how do i erase/delete a large section of my artwork?

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In photo paint x5 I have a large section of my artwork I want to erase/delete is there a way I can click on a spot drag open a rectangle and erase its content.

Thank you

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  • Simply draw any kind of mask (rectangular, freehand, whatever) and
    press delete. That will "erase" and replace it with the current
    background colour.

    (If there are objects present, the objects must be selected, and, of
    course, not locked, before "delete")

    If you need to get rid of it altogether and just keep a portion of the
    original, you can crop the entire image with the crop tool (always
    rectangular of course).

    On 9/22/10 7:06 AM, steven0579 wrote:
    > a large section of my artwork I want to erase/delete i

    Paul McGee
    St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
  • Hi Steven,

    adding to what Paul has said - sometimes, and I have no idea why, making a selection and then hitting delete still deletes the whole object (layer) and not just the part of the object inside the selection. Other times things work as expected and only the selected portion is deleted. If the former happens to you then there is an easy workaround. Undo the delete to get your object back and then select the Eraser Tool. Now hit delete and only the selected part of the object is deleted. Due to this weird peculiarity I have made a habit of always selecting the Eraser Tool before deleting selected areas of an object, just in case.

    I just went in and did some testing in X5 and the deleting of a selected portion of an object worked flawlessly without the Eraser Tool being active. It may have been luck, or maybe this issue has been fixed in X5? Either way, at least you know what to do if you find you are erasing entire layers instead of only the selected areas.

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  • In reply to Brian:

    One other thing I find helpful is selecting what I want (using mask of whatever type) and then inverting the mask... selecting everything else... then hit delete.  Sometimes this is easier depending on what you're working on.