Table glitch (text input)

I have encountered this problem for the second time now; when I am copying text from Microsoft Word to put into a cell in a table, for some odd reason it decides to put the text backwards. I am also doing vertical text, so the text appears upside down. Does anybody know what is going on?? The text cursor appears at the bottom of the cell instead of the top. I have generally been using Force Justify and Center Vertical Alignment.

I have been doing hundreds of cells but this is only the second time this has happened. I re-opened CorelDraw and tried again, but with the same result.



  • It is a good workflow to copy/paste from Word to Windows Note Pad, and from there to CorelDRAW.

  • In reply to Michael Cervantes:

    I would, but the text I am dealing with has some special formatting (superscripts) that I don't want to lose in that process. Plus, I am working with a very large table (a directory of names) and am too lazy to do that anyway, haha.

    But I have tried a few more times to make this text work, but it still won't. I think these cells are permanently screwed. 

  • In reply to Alec:

    Your language settings in Word are different. I suppose on some arabian set... Check in MS Word what are language settings and change that in something that suits you.

    When copy/paste Draw asks you do you want to keep settings and display. You said yes (you want to keep subscript or whatever) and he also keeps settings from Word...