Can't print with CorelDRAW X5 - only prints to file


I've got CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite X5 with SP1 installed on my Win7 x64 PC. My printer is Samsung SCX-3205 and drivers are updated to the latest version.

When I select print in DRAW it won't print - it only prints to file (DRAW can't open the .prn file afterwards, it crashes or gives me an error message or both). I simply can't get it to print directly to printer.

Print works just fine in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 and I had never problems with printing my files directly from DRAW in any previous version.

Any help appreciated.


  • Zdravim Daniel,

    Maybe you can check your Corel Draw print dialog if there is checked on option “print to file” – then output goes to file instead printer.


  • Open print panel (Ctrl+P) and disable "Print do file" option. Save.

     Edit: Oops. Mek was 2 min. faster than I.


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  • Thank you both, unfortunately there's no such option in this version. I checked that before posting my question of course.


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     Thank you both, unfortunately there's no such option in this version. I checked that before posting my question of course. 

    Go to the "advanced" tab and check if the "print to file" option is enabled.


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    There is no "Print to file" option in the whole print setup, that's the thing. I don't understand it either. Never seen anything like it.

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    You posted the printer setup from the printer driver, while you should examine the print setup found inside of CorelDRAW. This may be the reason that you could not find the "Print to File" check box in your printer setup.

    When in DRAW, on the menu: File->Print, and when that dialog comes up, check there for the "Print to File" check mark.

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    Hugh, that IS print dialog of CorelDRAW, not printer driver. Not kidding!

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    I too have the H & S edition of X5 and my print window looks exactly the same as Daniels looks. However I do have a check box for 'Print File Information' under the advanced tab. Is that the same thing???

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    No Mayfly, it is not actually.

    By the way I used Corel for years (10, maybe more) so I'm familiar with it. I had professional versions throughout the years - this X5 is my second Home edition along with X4 - which not only works and prints fine but has the same set of print features as pro version does. Big dissapointment this X5.

  • Problem finally solved. Clean install without applying service pack.

    But now I have another problem, I can't print to file...

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    It is possible to install a printer specifically to print to file. I've not tried it, but presumably its there for a reason.

    In XP you would do that by:

    • Control Panel > Printers ...
    • File > Add Printer > Next
    • Local printer ... (not automatically detect) ... Next
    • Use the following port > FILE > Next
    • Choose a print driver



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    Thanks Harry. Yes, it certainly is possible to make it work, but I was referring to the option usually available in the print dialog. Maybe that is another H&S ver. missing feature.

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    I just discovered your thread (CorelDRAW X5 H&S can't print) and have the same problem.

    I notice you said you'd fixed it, and mention "Clean install without applying service pack.".

    I installed from the CD but have no service pack anyway.  If you've a moment to elucidate I'd be very grateful - it's driving me nuts !

    Thanks,  Ralph D

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    Hi Ralph. One thing could help you. Try to uninstall the whole thing, clear appdata/roaming/corel folder, restart, then reinstall. I'm sure it will help. Let me know.


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    Out ouf curiosity, why would you print to file. Thinking back in the old days, really old day, one would print to file so you could save a file to disk and directed(copied to) the file to a specific computer port (LPTI) on the existing computer, which connected to the printer. Or loaded the disk to a computer that had printers and copied the file to the print port, which printed the file.  With the advent of USB ports that capibility disappeared. Or am I remembering incorrectly.

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