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Printing odd size to PDF

I have some art work that is 18" tall by 36" wide.  I have no idea how to create this print size as the program does not identify that as a print size.  Once the program identifies it I will just select PDF as my printer and print it as a PDF file.  Question is, how do I do that?

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  • Hello randy; You can change the page size to 18" x 36" in page setup, but that's not going to help if you don't have a driver for that printer.

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    See that is a bit of the catch.  When I print to PDF it does not print it, it just makes a PDF of that document.  I won't be printing it, the print company wants it in that size.  Kind of a tough spot.

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  • Do you have a particular reason for not using File > Publish to PDF ?

    If your design page is 18" x 36" then that is the size of the PDF that Publish to PDF will create. You should probably add crop marks and bleed unless your printing company tells you not to. Crop marks and bleed will be created outside the design page, but the PDF will contain appropriate trim and crop boxes so although you see more than 18 x 36" in the viewer a decent imposition program will know how to correctly align the PDF on the printing plate.

    If you particularly want to do it through a PDF print driver, you will need to create a custom page size in the print driver. But I'm not sure a PDF print driver will be able to properly cope with placing bleed or cropmarks outside the design page.

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  • I read this as the "company" print shop wants it in a PDF format which is very normal for them. You just e-mail or hand them a CD with the PDF in/on it. I turn mine in on a flash drive. Or stick it online where they can download it. Export to PDF or print thru a PDF creator to get it, it will perhaps be a custom size you will have to enter or the PDF driver should just pick that up from the file.


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    randy as Harry said you want to use the publish to PDF. Change your page size to the 18" x 36", move the drawing OFF that page duplicate the art, place one on the page and convert it to curves group it, center it in the page, Then publish it to PDF.

    Then send the file to the printer.


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    Thanks for everyone's help.  Harrylondon hit the nail on the head.  Nothing would work but that was the baby step that I was missing.  Two minutes on your part, hour of frustration on mine.  Thank you so very much for your help.