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Corel X5 creates LOTS of temp files

The new Corel X5 (with patches applied) is leaving lots of temp files in the Windows 7 local drive user\AppData\Local\Temp directory. By lots I mean hundreds of files that don't always go away when Corel is closed. As a result, I'm crashing on a regular basis in Corel. Sometimes the crash even corrupts the file. Is anyone else experiencing this difficulty? Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix it?

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  • Which files is X5 leaving behind? Are they all VectUndoPalatte_n.xml (n being some digit value) files? Or are they some other file name(s)?

    Have you tried cleaning out the system's %TEMP% directory? (user\AppData\Local\Temp)

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    Hello Folks.

    The problem is in Technical Designer as well as in DrawX5. And it is not only a color palette problem. Linear Pattern groups do it too, and several other options.

    The real problem, however, is that the program does not properly delete those temps when closing. Some are deleted, some temp directories are emptied, but not deleted themselves, many are not dleted at all unless you yourself takes the trouble, which sometimes takes more than 15 minutes.

    I hope Corel will change that very soon.

    Kind regards, JoostJ

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    I've seen the same problem on WinXP.

    FWIW, I use CCleaner to clean up my system every morning, and it takes care of the problem. Hopefully Corel fixes this, but at least you wouldn't have to spend 15 minutes cleaning up, and the solution is free.

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    The temp files it leaves are generally named beginning with crl(then a number like 8F36) and end with .tmp. Sometimes, after using Corel for a few hours and doing a lot of text and photo work, there will be over 100 tmp files left after exiting Corel. I hope they fix it. It crashes frequently so I have to keep constant track of the temp directory. I made a library so it's fast to get to it, but I hate crashing in the middle of a project, even though I'm a fanatic saver. Thanks for your response. I see by other responses that I'm not the only one having a problem.