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Basic training for CorelDraw Graphics Suite X5

Where can i get good very basic tutorials on Working with nodes?  I have a CNC plasma cutter and use X5 for simple sign design, mostly wire frame and fonts.  I'm having trouble working with the nodes.  For example what are the red nodes or what ever they are called. I kind of understand the blue nodes, but would like to find a toutorial on making adjustments. Maybe i'm just to new or too old.



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    About 4 hours I'd say, in a normal vehicle. But if your bringing the jalopy then a few days only.


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    Hi Actually Foster's stuff is especially good for beginners. This because his style is very clear, thorough and patient.

    If unleashed is as much help as Jeff's Learn to draw is i should be set.

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    Glad it's been helpful, this technique totally changed my career. It's true that it's intended perhaps towards intermediate users who've used CorelDRAW for years but still don't feel comfortable with the drawing tools (or with challenging rebuilding tasks).

    I down loaded Jeff's Learn to Draw and love it, it does assume you already have a fair grasp of operating in Corel Draw which i don't, but by watching it several times i have made a great advance in what i can do with Corel Draw

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    I had been on the Corel tutorials, however i feel like they skip to much of the basics. I 'm very new to this so still figuring out the simple stuff they assume you should know.



    Hi Rog, most tutorials are written by people who know how to make things happen quickly but some of them do not think of the basic beginner who really knows nothing about computers and everything is a nightmare for them

    I teach at the university of the third age in my local area basic beginner level introduction to computers and 1 of my new students turned up this term with a new laptop with windows 7 and thought that he would be able to fix images and send them as emails all in 8 lessons 1.5 hours per lesson and their is 9 other students in the class as well and he is 72 years young.

    and never used a computer.

    then in my next 2 classes the first is paint shop pro and the next class is corel draw graphics suite their is a lady who has just also brought a laptop and signed up for the 2 classes 24 hours of learning over 8 weeks

    her requirements a little different and she is only 65 years young

    about 120 old photos to be scaned and repaired and put on to a dvd with music and captions then to send to her son by early april this is now going to be a xmas present

    this type of student is spread out over a average of 30 plus students in 4 classes every wednesday

    so what I am saying is not everyone can handle the advanced way of learning you have to learn to crawl before you walk

    you have most of what you need for the start of learning by going to your help files and click on work shop tour if you look at this you will see how the desk top works where all the tools are, their names, and what they do

    Then look at the written tutorials on your corel dvd and see if you can do some of them

    their is excelent videos also on the dvd look at these and you may be able to practice some of them

    besides fosters excelent videos if you go to his home site and search around their is a lot of tutorials to help you

    and on this page at the top click on corel.com and then click on the resources tab and go to corel draw tutorials or tips and tricks

    their is just so much help and tutorials will keep you going for a while or come back here and ask questions