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New features added to the FREE macro: Inner Shadow

At the request of, or challenge from I should say, Jeff Harrison - I have added an extra feature to the above macro. If you run the macro and press the Create Inner Shadow button you get a black inner shadow, or white if the White Shadow checkbox was ticked. 

NEW: Pressing the button with a PLUS sign on it expands the macro interface and provides a button which opens the colour picker dialog. From there you can choose a custom colour for the inner shadow. After choosing your colour press the Apply Inner Shadow button next to the custom colour button to create your inner shadow. I was even kind enough to use the Americanized spelling of the word colour: i.e. color Stick out tongue

Please excust the over-compressed video...here is the macro in action (the macro itself is attached):

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    It's wonderful Brian.....thank you so much!

    I have been playing with it this morningWink


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    It's wonderful Brian.....thank you so much!

    I have been playing with it this morningWink


    Very nice...


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    uhhh...I still have an unanswered question.

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    I have added the 'Quick Snap' too......brilliant! Big Smile

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    can anyone help?

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    Hi Greg

    I just went back and saw the message you are referring to, which I had somehow overlooked. Sorry about that. I haven't done anything with that macro since last year, as I have been busy with other things. It would probably be awhile before I could get onto editing it further as I have less time for macros now and I am already working on several at the same time.

    You seem to know what you are talking about with the code, so why not just write a new macro yourself which meets your specific needs?

    Best regards,

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    okay I'll try.  thanks Brian.

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    Heeeeellllllllllloooooooooo Brian; I hope things are going your way. Would you mind emailing me your postal address I'd like to buy you that beer for the inner shadow and just for being a nice guy. ( I'd love to do it in person, but my mother won't let me, she said I haven't hit the lottery yet.) DARN. and here's something to go with the beerPizza

    Best Regards To You George

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    Thank you very much Brian

    This post was communicated to me by MT Studio, this is exactly what I was looking

    Your macro has crossed the oceans and congratulations on your volunteer work


    Merci de France


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  • Hello Brian

    I do like the look of this but when i download it (Windows 7) it asks me which software to open it with>!  ...i say Corel x6  ....Corel opens & that's it!!  ...where would the macro be & how do i access it?

    I have never used a macro before  ...can you tell??


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    Put the macro file (.gms) at the directory C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6\Draw\GMS (as in Win XP).

    Launch CorelDraw, go to Tools -> Macros -> Run Macro, select BD_InnerShadow

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    Hi Brian!

    I have just discovered  this thread post of yours (the Inner Shadow effect)!

    and i got excited again by  your Magnificent ideas of creating Excellent and Useful Macros, that people ask and need.

    I 've tried both versions you developed  (BDInnerShadow_v2b.gms  vs  BDInnerShadow_v2f.gms)

    and i came up to the conclusion that "V2b" works better with No problems. Because you can also add more Inner shadows colors, than the Newer version and doesn't bring errors. I prefer that Version  :-)


    I would like to ask, if it is possible, to fix a little bit the way that the shadow is Placed Inside PowerClip.

    What I mean is,  the objects which are going to be placed Inside Powerclip, will not be affected by the Shadow inside, when we decide to "Exctract Contents" Afterwards.

    For Example, When we draw a shape and we apply an "interactive Fill" inside of it, this will not affect any other objects that are going to be Powercliped inside of our object. The same happens when we apply a normal Outside Drop shadow, which is Combined with the object and we can Break them Apart, if we want.


    Thank you Very Much for developing Inner Shadow!

    I Love it! :-)


    ~ Evros (CorelXpert)

  • superb and convenient
    thank you for the sharingYes

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    Brian a simple thank you seems so inadequate but thanks anyway they are brilliant. Big Smile

  • Hi Brian.  This is looking great so far.  Could I make a suggestion?

    1. How about stretching the opacity text box field to show 100 completely.

    2. Add a text box field for entering the amount of feathering.


    Thanks a bunch Brian!Smile