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I do beer signs for a living.  Sometimes I like to import other coreldraw files into my current work to take designs off of them, such as a curve or a portion of text.   I then delete the unused parts.   The problem is that whenever I do this, it makes the save file huge!  

You can test this.  Open an empty coreldraw file.  Drag a few .cdr's into it.  Delete everything you imported. Save the empty file.  It will be the size of all those .cdr's combined!

Is this a bug or something I can fix?

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    This is what's in your letter "S" file and when added up it BIG Real BIG.


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    This is a file with a big arial S in the middle of the page, nothing else.  Original file size 400KB.  I imported a large poster (60MB), then deleted it and saved it again.  The file is now 38.5MB, but is only just a big S in the middle of the page.  I uploaded the file to our distributor website since it's 38MB:  (I renamed the .cdr to .zip so that the webserver would serve it)

    As advised before you should check View Manager & Graphic and Text styles - these adds about 400 kB to your file. Anyway your main "trouble" is wit symbols. Look at Symbol manager (CTRL+F3). Three symbols added to file (one of symbol is the bitmap 1815x900 mm at 150 dpi and it is why you are getting huge file size. When Views, Graphic & Text Styles and Symbols deleted then you get file with small size.


  • You could also drag this to your toolbar.

    It takes the selected objects and creates a new document from them.

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    Thanks for solving this mystery guys, and for the solution to mitigate it.  I never even knew about these "symbols", and this has been bugging me for a year lol

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    Is there a way to stop these symbols from ever being saved with a file?  An option?

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    Man these symbols had leeched themselves onto tons of files.  My disk space taken up by signs is going to be reduced by like 60% after I'm done Saving As - Selected Only.   I can't thank you guys enough.

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    I think the symbol must have already been in the file that you imported. You are unlikely to have created a symbol by accident.

    The way to stop symbols from being saved with the file is to delete them before saving :


    To purge unused symbol definitions

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    In the Symbol manager docker, click the active document.
    Click the Purge unused definitions button .

    The above is the instruction from the help file of X4 so check the X5 help if you see something different on screen.

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    What must have happened is that I imported some older files with symbols in them from .pdf documents.  Since I do a lot of importing, eventually a great deal of .cdrs had these hidden symbols in them.  I'm going through now and removing them all from every file I've ever made that's a big file size.  

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    As far as I'm aware, the symbol manager is a CorelDraw-speciific feature.

    I don't think PDF would have a way to store a symbol separately from the print stream and importing the PDF would at most create a series of printable objects -- it would not actually add a symbol to the symbol manager.

    Those symbols may have come from an imported CDR file (perhaps, one that a customer gave you) but I don't think they would have come from a PDF.

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    They 100% did.  MillerCoors used to send us graphics in .pdf form.  All of these symbols are from that time.  If I import one of these .pdf files, it creates a symbol.  Something in the conversion I guess.  That's how all the symbols got created without my knowledge or even knowing about the Symbol Manager.

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    I've imported PDFs that brought in symbols that have no properties
    whatsoever... meaning they have no fill and no outline. These unhelpful
    symbols cause lots of problems like crashing during printing or
    publishing to PDF. I have to manually delete these from the object
    manager to get a clean file. I'm not saying that's going on here but I
    thought I would mention it for anyone reading this thread interested in
    symbols from imported files.

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    These symbols are actually the bitmaps that are in the .pdf, which makes the file very large.  I don't see them in the Object Manager.

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    When pdf with symbol imported and then unusable parts deleted then you cannot see symbols in the Object Manager, but they are included in file (and saved with file). So you can see them on the Symbol Manager and delete as suggested by harryLondon above (purge unused symbols).