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Randomly closing

I have SP3 installed along with the hotfix. I have less than 500 fonts installed as well as ran a repair and F8 my desktop. I still get random closes when I save, print, or export a pdf.  Are there any specific fixes out there?

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  • Hello ruckstande; Putting the DVD in and doing a repair at the start screen sometimes does a better job than the old "F8" sometimes. That and make sure you have the ".Net's" for the ver. you are running is about all I can think of off hand.GOOD LUCK.
      To add a little to what Anand is saying below convert the text to curves before printing or saving.


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  • Possible reasons

    1) Unwanted color styles, views, text and graphic styles saved with the file.
    2) Corrupt font used in the file.

    I still get random closes when I save, print, or export a pdf.

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    I have no color styles, no views, and nothing but default text and graphic styles.

    As for corrupt font, I have a text box that when selected says it is Arial but if I do a search for text statistics I have WP MultinationalB Helvetica. I think this is normal though. 

    Yes I have done a repair with the disc. Just having annoying problems. Is it possible to debug Corel?

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    I assumed and hope you have your OS, video drivers etc. are updated.

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    As updated as everything can be.

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    I had it and finally decided to wipe out every instance of Corel and reinstall. I removed every trace I could of 12, X3, and X5 using Revo Uninstaller. After 3 hours of uninstalling and reinstalling and reconfiguring so far I'm running much better.  It still freezes randomly but so far no crashes. 

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    Back to random closing again. Usually when I click save.

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    It could be the computer? check Everything. X6 is the most stable out of the box Corel has had in a long time.

    My Thoughts George
    PS Good Luck

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    This is X5 though.

  • ruckstande
    I still get random closes when I save, print, or export a pdf.


    Save, Print & Export functions were coded in X5 to run on a separate thread to enable multithreading feature. There may possibly be some compatibility issues with your system directly relating to multithreading.

    If you are willing to change the registry setting, drop me an email from my profile page and I can help you disable multithreading feature. You can then work on X5 and see if the random shutdowns are reduced.