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Help - OPTIONS and layout/PAGE SETUP buttons and keyboard shortcuts are crashing X5

OPTIONS and layout/PAGE SETUP buttons and their keyboard shortcuts are crashing my X5.

Tried re-installing.


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  • This has come up with people running Nvidia's nView utility.

    In a previously verified solution, you can use msconfig to disable the utility, not the drivers.


    -Click on the Nvidia Settings Icon on the System Tray.
    -Select nView Desktop Manager.
    -Select nView Properties.
    -Select the "Windows" tab.
    For the "Dialog Box Repositioning" setting,
    -Click on the Arrow and choose a different setting, your preference.
    The conflict happens with the "No repositioning" option, and so far all others tried seem to work fine.

  • In reply to Brian L.:

    Perfect! Thank you! I just changed the default dialog setting to the second, "application" and all is well in Corel Land!

    - Dan