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Dear Corel, please add a better way to delete colors from the new document palette in X5.

Dear Corel, please add a better way to delete colors from the new additive colorwell (document palette) in X5. Having to go through a repetitive process to delete a color from your list each time you wish to do so wastes a lot of time. Please add a delete color button to the document palette.

The only way I have figured out how to delete specific colors from the document palette is to:

1) have the color selected

2) Click on the small right facing arrow button at the top of the document palette.

3) select the delete color menu entry.

You have to do this for EACH color you wish to delete, rather than select multiple colors and then delete them. I think if we have to do this one at a time, then to add a delete color button would expedite this process significantly.

Anyone else in favor of this? Thoughts, feedback?

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  • Drew
    Anyone else in favor of this?


    Yes I find the document color palette so cumbersome I don't use it.

  • You are talking about the Document palette, I presume?

    Disable "Automatically Update" in the palette menu (little arrow button), and then use either "Add from Selection", or "Add from Document" when you need it.
    You can also just drag objects to the palette to add object colors.
    Deleting is a bit cumbersome but there's a choice to reset the palette, which may be helpful.
    You can also use Edit color and then delete colors from the editor window quite easily.

  • In reply to Ronny Axelsson:

    I do try to "reset" the document palette, but it still leaves colors (from older files) that do not seem to actually be in the file. Possibly they come from the Color Styles docker. An easy way to delete colors from the palette would be ideal.

  • In reply to Shane Chipp:

    The auto-adding colors to the Color Styles docker is an old legacy problem. Altough the original program don't have the same problem (it's a legacy problema of illegal versions), is something annoying.... and I believe is easy to add an option such as "disable color styles when open a document" or "disable color styles when save a document" (similar to Os macro but included on the program. Also, a simple button to "clean all" on the color syles docker is not impossible, and can be useful

  • In reply to Ronny Axelsson:

    The Edit color function method is fast and perfect!  Thank you. 

  • do you or anyone know an answer to this in Corel X8 it seems to it has not been added yet. at least a button to delete multiple colors at a time.
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    do you or anyone know an answer to this in Corel X8 it seems to it has not been added yet. at least a button to delete multiple colors at a time.

    You can delete multiple colors (even all colors if you want) of the Document Palette. That option already exist on previous versions too.

  • In reply to sgotesman:

    if you're talking about the color of the document palette, select any object, choose "edit color" on the document palette menu (the triangle at the start), select all colors, then delete it.
  • In reply to Ariel:

    thanks very much. selecting all the colors are still a pain in the neck. but still was very helpful. thanks so much.
  • In reply to sgotesman:

    it's not too hard, select the first color, hold Shift, then select the last one, then press Deelte or the "delete colors" button.
    or.... Window / Color Palettes / Palette editor
    Also if you go to Palette / reset palette it should delete all unused colors, and there's a "reset palette" inside the "Palette editor" menu.
    and if you want a fast way, you can add a shortcut to "palette editor" (under tools / workspace / commands), for example, Ctrl+1
  • Don't remember exactly how it worked in X5 but in X8 you can simply double click a swatch in the palette (with nothing selected, or these objects will get the color you click on) to open up the Palette Editor.
    Then you can either select a color and delete it, or select multiple colors at once, using Ctrl+click or Shift+click, and then delete.
    You are not allowed to delete spot colors that are in use.

    Like I said, this is for X8 and may not work in X5.
  • In reply to Ariel:

    But it doesn't work!!!!!!!
  • In reply to Kita:

    What is it that doesn't work, Kita?
  • You're so sweet!  answering my message.  I was trying to delete the document color palette.  I followed all the instructions and still the action of pressing Shift and/or ctrl to delete several colors would not work.  

    I was trying to doing clicking the palette itself.  It worked when I opened the palette browser.  This opens a different window where everything works. 

    Thanks for your kind attention! Have a wonderful super week

    Bianka Lindes