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Text Frames

Is there a way of unlinking the text frames so that you can move the text independently from the others?

Please help.


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  • Select the linked frames, goto Text - Paragraph Text Frames - Unlink

  • Hi Juan,

    I am glad you mentioned UNlinking text boxes. You reminded me I have a test macro I made awhile ago and never finished. It is an extension to the margins macro I made and allows you to add pages to a document, creating text frames on those pages on the fly. The text boxes sit where you tell them to (you select distance from the top, left, right and bottom edges of the page). There is a button to link all text frames which the macro created. I will add an unlink button too. I need to add more control though, so the user can choose a range of pages to add text boxes to, and a range of pages to link the text frames on only.

    This is the macro so far:

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    Pretty nifty macro.....I would say. Is there a way of buying and downloading some of your macros?


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    Hi Juan,

    thanks. As soon as this macro is finished I will send it to you! I have a number of free macros at macromonster.com, have you looked at those at all? All the recent ones I have been playing around with just need to be polished up a little and help files added and that's about it. I want to make a website for fun and throw them all on that for easy access.

    Do you have any ideas for new macros? I am still learning as I go, but slowly getting a little better at it. I love to hear the type of stuff people would find useful and then try to create it. I am trying to make a proper text "styles" macro at the moment with style sheets (or style sets as they are called in MS Word 2007/2010). I have hit one issue, but once I pass that (if I can) I should be able to pull it off.

    Best regards,

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    Howdy Brian.

    You asked me a while back if i had any ideas for a new macro...well how about a macro where I can take a jpeg image or a vector image and transform it into a puzzle and being able to take the pieces apart. This would be nice as a post card on any occasion.

    I don't know if this is a silly idea...but this is the only thing that came mind.