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Upgrade Query

We have just upgraded from X3 to X5 but X3 is still installed.......do we need to delete X3 or will the X5 upgrade not work without it?

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  • No need to delete. You should be able to run both.

  • Keep it. I'm running both x15 and 12 on both windows 7 and XP. I'm lucky to have three big drives so have three operating systems on them. Makes it handy when either W7 or X15 start not playing nice with each other. As a few here know I don't  just jump into something new because it is new. From what I have run into having the two Vrs. of Corel is good.


    Steve E.

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    you can have both at the same time, bt since I installed X4 I never more used X3, and when I used X5 for the first time, I uninstalled all previous versions, and never more need it

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    Is it possible to move a colour pallet from X3 to X5 and how would I do it?