Snap to grid like it was in version 11!?

I've been using Corel Draw since way back and am still using Corel Draw 11.
Only for one reason, the Snap to grid!

Now I want to move on to X5 and have tried all ways to make the snap snap like it did in pre 12 versions. Been googling around, searching forums etc, but still no solution.

Know what I'm talking about? Let's say I'm drawing rectangles. I want all 4 corners to snap to the grid, regardless of how uncarefully I draw them or move them around, regardless of the zoom level, with no possibility to make them snap between the grid!

Is there a solution or am I forced to use version 11 until I die? :)



  • WOW,  OK I too was completely frustrated with this change. I actually had a 3 week email session with corel draw, looking for an answer.  They finally told me that it works as intended.


    I wouldn't settle and after months of tinkering and menu searching and cussing the new corel X5,I stumbled upon a setting that fixes the problem for good.  



    ***SO HERE IT IS PEOPLE, THE FIX TO ALL OUR COMPLAINTS.***         With no help from Corel, might I add





    i CHANGED MINE TO 35.  WOW now from 35 pixels away it will snap to any snap to function you have turned on.   (snap to grid) check  (snap to Guidelines) check  (snap to objects) check


    Now why have all these disgruntled lifelong users of corel been punished for so long.   Com-on Corel get it together and get some support.