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CorelDraw X5 and PDFs

I am just completing a big project that involved importing PDF ads into a Corel document. I have found that importing PDFs into CorelDraw is a hit and miss process. Some PDFs imported fine. Others were unusable or just didn't look right or had missing fonts. Fortunately, I had access to Adobe Acrobat and could export the PDFs to a bitmap file either tiff or jpeg. My questions are:

Why does CorelDraw have problems with PDFs?

Does a PDF have to be created a certain way before Corel will import it correctly?

I've tried PDF Fusion and have the same problem. If this application allowed for exporting PDFs to Tiffs or Jpegs that would solve my problem. Is this option in the works for future releases or fixes for Corel PDF Fusion? 

Thanks for any responses.

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  • As far as importing, I think a lot depends on how (as in options chosen) and with what program the PDF was originally saved. I run into this occasionally, and there's really no way to know up front. But when I've known the original author, I've been able to get them to resave using different options and CD handles the results just fine.

    Same goes for other files you might import - EPS and AI are two of the more notorious examples.

    It would be nice if CD could handle every flavor of pdf out there - but I'm not sure it's feasible. I suspect pdfs aren't as standard as everyone would like to think.

  • This blog post may help you understand.
    What you are asking to do is "place" a PDF file. This can be done in InDesign, it isn't possible in CorelDRAW.
  • Hello jboone; If the graphics are converted to curves before saved to a "PDF' file I don't have problems opening them in Corel.


  • In reply to TheSign Guy:

    Foxit PDF reader has an option under preferences to convert text to
    curves when printing. I just print from Foxit to a PDF writer like
    PDFcreator (or any other free PDF writer) and I get a nice new PDF that
    imports text correctly every time. The drawback is if you need to do any
    text editing, you would need to recreate your text in DRAW.

  • jboone
    Why does CorelDraw have problems with PDFs?

    Many programs do, since PDF technology is proprietary to Adobe.

    Does a PDF have to be created a certain way before Corel will import it correctly?

    The best way is for the artist to simplify the art before creating the PDF, flattening transparencies, converting text to curves.

    PDF's are not open source for how they are created. Even older versions of Adobe programs can screw up opening the latest generation PDF's.

    One way for Adobe to continue collecting cash is to keep adding "features" to the PDF spec. This forces users to keep upgrading, to hopefully avoid open/import errors. All other software companies who deal with PDF's can only try to keep up.