Huge File Sizes

I do beer signs for a living.  Sometimes I like to import other coreldraw files into my current work to take designs off of them, such as a curve or a portion of text.   I then delete the unused parts.   The problem is that whenever I do this, it makes the save file huge!  

You can test this.  Open an empty coreldraw file.  Drag a few .cdr's into it.  Delete everything you imported. Save the empty file.  It will be the size of all those .cdr's combined!

Is this a bug or something I can fix?

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    This is a file with a big arial S in the middle of the page, nothing else.  Original file size 400KB.  I imported a large poster (60MB), then deleted it and saved it again.  The file is now 38.5MB, but is only just a big S in the middle of the page.  I uploaded the file to our distributor website since it's 38MB:  (I renamed the .cdr to .zip so that the webserver would serve it)

    As advised before you should check View Manager & Graphic and Text styles - these adds about 400 kB to your file. Anyway your main "trouble" is wit symbols. Look at Symbol manager (CTRL+F3). Three symbols added to file (one of symbol is the bitmap 1815x900 mm at 150 dpi and it is why you are getting huge file size. When Views, Graphic & Text Styles and Symbols deleted then you get file with small size.


  • You could also drag this to your toolbar.

    It takes the selected objects and creates a new document from them.