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tutorial showing how to isolate a part of a pic to lighten it?



I have a seascape photo with an island in the middle of the water. think of a black triangle surrounded by sparkly waves. I want to isolate the exact shape of the island so ONLY the island can be lightened a bit. Is there a nice video tutorial showing what that process is? tried some things in photoshop like the lasso tool but I could not get the island shape traced exactly enough. something similar in Photo paint?



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  • Msongs
    something similar in Photo paint?

    You could mask it using freehand mask (K)

    or with mask Brush Tool (B)

    Use shift OR Ctrl key to add or subtract to existing mask.

  • Hi Msongs,

    there are numerous ways including masking, lenses, etc. A simple way would be to:

    1. open image
    2. in the Object Docker click on the New Object button to create a new object (layer)
    3. Set the Merge Mode to Overlay
    4. adjust Opacity to about 30 initially
    5. paint with white onto your image wherever you wish to lighten it
    6. adjust Opacity to taste

    By working on a separate layer you can erase any bits you accidentally lightened (painted white) without touchng the original image. You can even apply a Gaussian Blur to soften/spread the white paint a little.

    Best regards,

  • That is certainly one of the topics covered in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 Unleashed in both written and video form. Details at http://www.unleash.com/coreldraw-x5-unleashed/corel-photo-paint-x5-unleashed-toc.aspx