Unable to load CorelDraw.dll Error Code:998

Having problems with Corel Draw running. I recieve the following error when I try to run Corel Draw X5 :- Unable to load CorelDraw.dll Error Code:998.

I have tried 3 re-installs of Corel Draw X5 but no luck.

There appears to be very little information online with this Corel Draw X5 error code.

Any ideas ?.


Scott Cummings

  • Hello scrc....I had the same problem today and I have spent the entire day getting this fixed.  As of right now it is now working, thanks to my Dell tech support!!!  He went into the a file that showed what updates I had and noticed a Windows Critical Update early this morning (3 am) so went to the previous date and restored my computer to that day.  Viola....it works now. 

    I'm sorry I can't tell exactly where to find that info but at least maybe you can figure it out.  Good luck!

  • In reply to starshipwarrior:

    X5 has a repair option, same as previous versions.

    But ... it will only repair X5 itself and the suggestion above is that a windows update may have caused the problem.

    If the problem is at the windows level, then X5 cannot repair that.

  • In reply to starshipwarrior:

    I tried Revo unistaller as suggested, but it didn't work - I was still getting "Unable to load Coreldrw.dll (and Corelppt.dll): Error 998".

    I realised that the problem first surfaced after I had installed "iliveid" in order to watch rugby live on the internet (and the process also installed "searchqu").

    Having uninstalled iliveid and searchqu, Corel Graphics suite X6 started working again!

    BEWARE freeware is all I can say!