Snap to guideline is inaccurate

I'm finding that when I position an object by snapping it to an intersection of a horizontal and a vertical guideline, that the final position so not at the intersection but is off by by around 0.02mm. The size of the error is not consistent.

Does anyone else see this same behaviour?

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  • It is very important that you have "Snap to Objects" enabled, not only "Snap to Guidelines".
    Without it it is very likely that you grab the object slightly off, and the snap will be inaccurate.

    I also suggest you enable "Show Snap location marks" (Options > Workspace > Snap to Objects).

  • In reply to Ronny Axelsson:

    HI Ronny,

    I do believe you are correct. I had turned off object snap to avoid accidentally snapping to nearby objects instead of the guideline. Enabling it does the trick.