Cannot uninstall or reinstall CorelDraw X5 Trail pack

2 days back i installed CorelDraw X5 Trial pack, after installing Win XP SP3.

Yesterday, when i tried to open the software, i got an error saying "restart your computer and try again or uninstall and reinstall the software", something like that.

I tried the above, now am not able to uninstall it nor reinstall it.

When i try to reinstall, i get an option to "Modify, Repair, Remove" window, i don't see a continue option anywhere.

I have removed all the references to CorelDraw X5 form windows XP registry, even the folder from program files, but i still get this above window.

Tried 'Revo Uninstaller' but of no use, as X5 was not showing there.

Anyone had same problem, or is there any solution for this?

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  • try this:


    and also look in the startup list to see if anything is listed by corel

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    I have the same problem as you did... Also tried everything as you, and nothing helps... This link that you posted doesn`t work ...