How to compose a book in corel draw ??

My friends im new in corel .  i  want to know how a book is composed in corel draw?i mean page setting,,. size of page,,margin setting, contents  etc.. 

  • First of all: not all books are the same. The best advice is to contact with your printing service before to start, in order to know the size of the page, the amount of pages, margins, colors and more. ie if you make a full-color book is more expensive than a book with only black pages. 

    When you start, create a new document, setup the page (double click on the page border) and choose twice the real size. ie if the book is 14x20cm , choose 28x20 cm Then, go to "Layout" and choose "Booklet" and "facing pages". That's all. The first page will be alone, same for the last one, and the other page will be in the same order that you will read the book (2-3. 4-5) etc. 

    Before to place the content, choose margins, columns and Text styles (Ctrl+F5) for a fst and secure edition. The rest of the job will be easy and simple

    For print the book, you can use the imposition features in the Print preview, but the best solution is to go to FIle/publish as PDF, and choose PDF X/3, then go to "config" and add "Bleed" and "cropmarks" in the options tab. 

    btw, remember that CorelDRAW is a drawing program, not a Desktop Publishing software. If you have too much text and pages, and require a lot of text handle, the best option is to use a different program, such as CorelVentura, Indesign, Quark XPress, Scribus, etc