If this is how 6X works with 64bit maybe better stay wtih 5X

Ok, I've only invested 5 hours in the file, not like it's days and days, but what other of my files, in which far more hours are invested, might Coreldraw x6 also corrupt? How many drives do I need to add and how many times per minute do I need to save to protect myself against Coreldraw X6 malfunctions?

My #1 reason for upgrading to #6 was to say goodbye to x5's unexpected program crashes with my 64bit win 7 system. Compared to what I'm dealing with now, a little crash would be delightful.

Saved a large cdr file, got an i/o read error before save was completed.  (No larger a file than I've saved with Corel x5 many, many times.)  Now when I try to open the file I get error message, "i/o read error".   5 hours gone.   Only fired up x6 a few days ago, hadn't yet given it instructions for auto saving.

I'm an old woman.  I don't have 5-hr time blocks to donate to the Corel corporation.  (Before you chalk my experience up to that of a old fool, I've been using Corel since 1992, purchasing nearly every upgrade since v 3.2 and have been using a pc 18 hrs a day since 1985.  If I could have back all the time lost from Coreldraw program crashes I could add a year to my life.

For the curious, the big lost file was NOTHING except a bunch of jpg images.  No fancy textures, layering or other effects, just plain old jpg images.  If x6 can't swallow those, what's the point?  My advice: Approach x6 with caution.  Back up all your files a couple times, set it to save every 10 seconds and then MAYBE you're safe using the damn thing.

Oh yeah, and the clipboard interaction between coreldraw and corel photopaint is still screwed up.

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    Does 6X use a lot more ram?  Wondering if this is just resources.  Have had 2 other corel docs open during all crashes; the other 2 docs also just a bunch of jpg files, also large, one of them 783MB.  Virtual was at 8182, just bumped it to 12273.  How much ram do i need for working with files of this size?

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    Similar file just crashed.  Fortunately am auto saving every 5 minutes so didn't lose anything this time. What was I doing prior to crash?  slid 2 jpgs off one page and slid em onto another page in same doc.

    That's just crazy. Coreldraw can only handle one function at a time. 2jpgs? What is this the future? Wink

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    CorelDRAW 32 bits only can use up to 2 Gb max of RAM, but X6 64 bits under Windows 7 64 bits can use all the RAM available, it's supposed at least 4 or 8 Gb of RAM. 8 or 12 Gb of virtual memory for this system is too small, specially if you have other programs running

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    Lots of other programs running, always.  Going to relocate the problem file to main hard drive from it's prior location on a mybook usb drive.  Corel x5 didn't seem to have a problem with that but maybe x6 needs more leg room.

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    k, my theory is that x5 was constrained by itself to only sip but x6 knows how to gulp so for the first time my under-allocated virtual memory became a problem.  Lame question: does it matter which drive has the virtual memory allocation?  I don't think my Mybook drives have any, and that's where my cdr files are located. 

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    Here's some advice, CorelDRAW is a race horse, feed it power and get rid of complicated configurations.  I use it in 64 bit on Windows 7 with an SSD, 24 GIG of RAM and a 1 GIG video card.  It is a rocket.

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    Thanks, milisock, was seeing upgrades in my future; you've given me some ideas as to where I need to be.

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    wait.  you're running 24 GIG of ram?!  holy cow

  • I think windows is the culprit -

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    windows 7 played nicely enough with corel x5, leastways corel didn't crash any more often than it did under Win xp.  I should qualify that, though, to say that corel paint has previously been my bigger crashaholic.

    One thing I do love about x6 is that it all looks the same, didn't have to spend a bunch of time fiddling with things, is just like x5.   Love it when I can explore new features on MY timetable rather than having them force fed.

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    Yes I just put a new MB on line with lots of RAM, the SSD is also a real key to speed due to the instant use of virtual memory but remember to make sure you get the latest SSD firmware update.

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    Speed cost money how fast can you afford to go???????? I think the key to a GOOD computer is keep it clean of unneeded stuff and don't light up more programs at a time than it takes to do the job at hand. Delete the "Temp" files, clean out junk that some sites on the net dump on you, don't load more fonts in Windows than you need for program that have has to use the Windows Fonts.



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    Yeah, I'm happy enough with corel's speed, and could even live with the time / work lost when it crashes.  File corruption is what will motivate me to spend more $ if that's what it takes to keep the program stable.  Having a bunch of big hungry programs open simultaneously isn't avoidable.  I keep the system free of temp files and for better typography in my designs should probably have more fonts loaded than I do. 

    Until the budget allows some upgrades I'll increase the backup schedule, save constantly and do moon dances.  Sounds like an SSD drive would also improve gaming which wouldn't hurt my feelings.  Have the slowest running toons in Azeroth.  That might be the wireless mouse tho.

    Has anyone else noticed that Coreldraw x6 is flukey when you select files to open, save, etc?  Like it doesn't want to accept the click and hesitates before responding to the command?  i closed the preview pane in Windows, didn't help.  It's only costing seconds, not a biggy, but annoying.

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    Installed new vid driver, got a nice speed bump.  Moving my workhorse file to a faster drive & increasing virtual memory seem to have stopped the crashing/corrupting, knock on wood.  Additional memory on route to get system to 24gb.  In the meanwhile, having a fun day with Coreldraw and Corel Photo-Paint, reminding me why I love these programs.   Thanks all for your help.

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    David Milisock

    Here's some advice, CorelDRAW is a race horse, feed it power and get rid of complicated configurations.  I use it in 64 bit on Windows 7 with an SSD, 24 GIG of RAM and a 1 GIG video card.  It is a rocket.

    That's not true... I have a Quadro 4000, 16gb ram and an i7-2600k.  X6 slowed down our workflow so much we had to switch back to X5.


    Hopefully this weekend I'll get time to post some times and show where X6 has some serious problems.

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