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Difference between x6 Home and Student and x6 Education version


Hello All - Posted this elsewhere then noticed it may have been in a wrong section - Sorry for the duplicate...

What is the difference between . . .

1) CorelDRAW Home and Student Suite X6
2) CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Education Edition?

They both seem to have the same features from what I see.

Thank you . . .


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  • Hi.

    The home is the same except:

    -No Upgrades. You cannot get upgrade pricing on a full version

    -VBA automation support is missing. Macros, Plugins, Add-ons to the program will not work.

    -You cannot use for commercial purpose, or making money

    -Less clipart, fonts, photos


  • In reply to Sub GDG_John( ):

    Thank you John . . .

    If what you mention is for the Home/Student, then it does seem that it has the same options (or actually minus those options) as the Education Edition.

    I'm assuming it has all the same apps included?