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CorelDraw X6 problems

I am enjoying X6 and hope others do so. I need community help in the following usage problems in CorelDraw X6. Pls. let me know if there is other way round working to get rid of these problems.

OS: MS Windows7 Ultimate x64, v6.1.7601 SP1 build 7601

PC Config.: Intel Core2Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4GHz, DG33FB, 8GB RAM

CDGS x6 (64 bit) v16.0.0.707

1. Facing problem of frequent CorelDraw X6 crash while working and seemingly most of the times it even don't sent any error messages to Corel support.

2. Transformations docker doesn't accept enter for applying changes, it only responds when we hit apply. It is good to move through options by using TAB, but it should accept ENTER as “APPLY” as we make desired change in any parameter. Mostly I prefer dockers to property bar.

3. Open and Import dialogue boxes don’t get cancelled as we hit ESC key.

4. Using pick tool double click a group of objects including paragraph text and get desired rotation is still a havoc despite we are using x6 (64-bit). It kills much of our time. See screen shot below:

5.  I am also facing problem in EPS editable import as shown in the screen shot below "An error occurred while processing PIEE.eps. The file cannot be opened."

The file is created in x6 and has 2 pages for two print jobs. Both pages has flatten background text and fountain lenses to RGB bitmap. All texts converted to curves. Page 1 exported to EPS and then imported as EPS editable successfully. Page 2 exported to EPS and then imported as EPS editable - shown above error. I have also tried importing this page to a fresh file and then created fresh EPS but got the same erroneous result.

As far as my experience with PDF is not good, because sometimes PDF also produces undesired result on RIP specially as RGB images, bar codes, drop shadows etc. I believe that EPS files are far more reliable in prepress jobs.

Seeking others'  EPS/PDF export import experience and comments for prepress.


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  • Hello digitalps; I have been using X6 on Windows 7 64 bit Ult. on a i5 and have had only one crash trying to import a large XLS file. In a 10 to 14 hr. day I use it 6 to 8 hrs. Right now I do use X4 to import some files that X6 won't open yet. But you might want to try the old "F8" trick or even better put the DVD in and at the Install Screen do a "Repair" Make sure you have the up-date for Windows 7.

    My Thoughts George
    PS Good Luck

  • In reply to TheSign Guy:

    It is possible that some of dockers making problems. Yes, as George said, best to F8 first and see what next.

    So far, I had one crash when tried to paste additional text in text box (paragraph text) on poster B1 size (lots of images and text is over entire surface xD).

    Have to conclude, at least for now, that X6 is very stable and very reliable

  • In reply to wache:

    Thanks for extending help.

    As per suggestion I reset my CorelDraw X6 64bit settings to default by pressing F8 at least thrice. This was a fresh installation of CDGS X6 - 64bit after receiving the x6 serial no.

    Earlier I had used one month’s CDGSx6 64bit evaluation version. As I first installed my CDGSx6 64bit evaluation version and loaded my x5 workspace, the x6 environment became totally unstable. Assuming my x6 installation corrupt I tried repair – but no use. At that time I wasn’t aware of F8 for resetting workspace to default. Later, I tried reinstalling a fresh and customized my CDx6 workspace again which make it more than 95% stable as before.

    But still I face several unexpected behavior of X6 which hamper our work and kills productive time as well. I feel annoyed because we are using x6 (64 bit) to draw its speed and power. It allures us to use it by having wonderful new features.

  • In reply to Anil:

    Hi, my coreldraw has crashed more than 8 times since I installed it and its really frustrating cos i've lost my design jobs a couple of time. enjoy

  • For what it's worth as far as your computers processor goes.. I have a 6 core AMD with 8 gig ddr3 mem and a 1 gig video card and unless I load up some heavy fills or lots of stuff on the pages, I rarely get a crash. I can slow it down a lot but rarely a crash. That being said, I tried to install it on another computer with only a 2 core AMD with 4 gig ddr2 memory and it barely runs and crashes constantly. I think, and this is only my experience with the new programs, that these new complex programs such as Corel x6, Photoshop CS5, InDesign, Illustrator, etc... work best if not only on the multiple core processors. Adobe CS5 won't even install or run several programs on the 2 core AMD. It would be interesting to know what everyone's processors are that are having these problems.

    Just my experiences.

  • In reply to Anil:

    I know you’ve reset your workspace now, but I highly recommend everyone read why you should NEVER import workspaces from a previous version. It is a recipe for disaster.