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Corel x7 new features?

I might have missed it, but has Corel mentioned what the x7 features will be, or things they are working on?  Or when the next feature set will be released? 

I am wondering about using the Premium membership, I rarely upgrade software from one version to the next version, and I usually skip a version.  So I have no idea of knowing if x7 for be compelling enough for me to upgrade to.

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  • Corel has not announced any new features for/in the CGS X7. They never announce, ahead of its release, any new features in the upcoming version(s).

    But looking over the past versions, seeing what has been upgraded or new from the previous version, you can bet that you will find some nice, new goodies that you may not have had, before. An example of this, looking at the X6 release, is Color Harmonies, Open Type font options, and so on....

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    X7 can probably be expected in a couple of years time. It is almost certainly not going to happen soon and I'm sure even Corel has little idea what features it will contain.

    Did you mean X6.1 or X6.2 perhaps?

    X6.1 has been available for several days and X6.2 has been suggested as likely to be about the end of the year.

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    Any of the upgrades. 6.2 and on, are supposed to be available only for premium members, and they will become x7 when they are all rolled together for a new official release.  That is my understanding.  Fonts and colors are not enough to compel me to buy a new version because I don't use Corel for publications.

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  • Bill,

    Corel hasn't announced what the new features for X7 (or X6.2 for that matter) will be. Our plan is to release X6.2 before the end of 2012, which will provide early access to new features to anyone on a Premium Membership.

    We have designed our memberships offering so that you can chose to go premium or not. I would recommend you get at least the standard membership which is free, but I cannot decide for you if the Premium Membership is something that makes sense (would I not be at Corel, I would take it as it makes sense to my needs). We really wanted to provide you with the choice on how to best experience CorelDRAW, and if you prefer the Standard Membership path plus pay for the upgrades later, that is one option available. At the same time, keep in mind that you get a lot more than just the next major versions upgrades part of a Premium Membership, while the price per year is about half the one of an upgrade.

    In case you didn't see them, I posted a few entries regarding the memberships and subscription options last week in my blog at http://community.coreldraw.com/blogs/gerard.


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    If X6.2 is going to be charged for then how will bugs be fixed for those
    who don't pay?

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    Also, how does one actually acquire standard membership. I logged into
    my account but could fin no way of doing it. I have updated to X6.1 and
    could find no way via the app either.


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    X6.2 will be a free update for everyone with a Standard or Premium Membership. Standard members will get the fixes (same as Service Packs in the past) and Premium Membership will get early access to new features in addition.

    Regarding your question about how to sign-up for Standard Membership, first make sure you have X6.1 installed. If you are not asked during start up of the app, then you can go to the Help menu and select "About CorelDRAW Memberships". That should open a window that gives you more details.


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    Thanks, but neither Draw nor Paint has About CorelDRAW Memberships on
    the Help menu. The version is definitely

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    Hello Dave,

    CorelDRAW memberships are currently available to people who purchased single-seat licenses. Standard Memberships are only available if you purchased  a full, upgrade or education version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 as a box or download version. If you have a multi-seat license or an OEM version, you won't be able to get a Standard Membership at this stage (multi-seat licenses support for memberships is on our roadmap though).

    Can you confirm what version you have. Feel free to contact me directly through direct message / email if you prefer.


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    Hi Gerard

    I have a education licence through my institution so I guess that is