X6 memberships and updates?

ok, finally went to install and update X6 via the internet.  what a drag/problem I knew this would be... so here goes.

Installed the intial X6 fine, got email for 90 days tech support etc..I guess it activated and sent serial to my account/corel.  ..went to update to 6.1...seemed to install fine... seemed to see something about getting a STANDARD membership.  So figured..ok...going great... well.... went to install 6.2 and the problem started.

now it says I don't have a level of membership or something?  cannot install 6.2 or the hotfix after.

I will contact customer support when I get a moment, but wondering if anybody knows why this is happening.  such a drag jumping through hoops just to UPDATE my software.  I don't care about the extra MEMBER features...I want the FIXES...which should install if member status is FINE or NOT FINE.

I might just stick with X5 as it is working fine...i.e. doesn't BOMB when UPDATING TEXT of prior version files, new way of powerclip annoyance etc.


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    well, finally got an answer from Corel... obviously the X6 package I purchased from a so-called reputable HIGH POSITIVE FEEDBACK seller obviously scammed me.  Maybe Paypal refund is an option but not counting on it.  all in all the serial in the package wasn't a "corel-generated" serial so no wonder I couldn't do anything.  whatever...done with this friggn mess....

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    Corel does trawl over ebay looking for pirated software....the ads come down and go up with different user name in the space of an hour...it's just horrible.


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    Paula Romano

    I updated to version 6.3 and am on a 64 bit ver.  I went to open a drawing with only a text box and rectangle on it.  I edit text pull down on the text box, change the wording and crash coreldraw when I try to get out.  Crashed 10 times.  Ended up re-installing original version.  Anyone else have a similar problem with x6.3?

    During the installation you should have a message that prompt ypu that the install program will remove the database of FontNavigator. So, you must open FontNavigator before use CoreldRAW and search for font on ypur local hard disk drive, for create a new database