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Trial serial number

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create unattended installation of CorelDraw x6 but trial version. I copied serial number from my Corel account but installator is lamenting that is incorrect product serial.

What serial should I write in to create unattended installation?

Can you help me to create silent installator of CorelDraw x6 trial version?

Best Regards

Mateusz Blaszka


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  • Trial version should not require a serial number. It should install and work till the set trial period expires. AFAIK your DRAW DVD may not contain a trial version but is intended to be used for the serial number for the copy you may have bought. You may have to download the trial version from the Corel's site. 

  • In reply to Anand Dixit:

    I downloaded trial version form corel website already....

    I need to create unattended installation of CorelDraw X6 trial version for multiple computers. How to do that?