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White print problem

I got a new corel draw x6. When I print the file at colour printer with some white colour inside the file. The white colour will print on the paper like light yellow colour but what I suppose the white colour should not appear on the paper. Could someone can tell me how to fix it??

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  • Is your design in RGB or CMYK? And is your printer local and using a standard printer driver and not a RIP?

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    I am using standard printer driver (HP photosmart B110). But I don't know I am using RGB or CMYK.

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    With DRAW open with your document, rest the cursor on a color from the palette and look at the color values, They are most likely either RGB or CMYK, if you are using the default palettes.

    If you are using CMYK colors, that may explain why your color is off in the print, as the HP printer driver views all incoming colors as RGB and when you send it CMYK colors, the driver does not interpret them correctly.

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    Yes, i am using cmyk colour. and I test that RGB is ok for printing. But I need to use cmyk and I used cmyk on x3 version is ok. Can I use cmyk in x6?

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    If you have a printer that accepts CMYK colors in their driver. Desktop printers are not known to handle CMYK colors for print output, unless you obtain RIP for your printer.

    The CMYK color mode is aimed primarily for those who generate designs that are sent out to print houses that produce hundres/thousands of copies on larger color presses.

    Have you made any changes in the color managment of the Graphics Suite? Or have you left it at factory default?

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    I am not sure using the factory default or not.


    But I use the same desktop printer to print x3 is ok but x6 is not??

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    May be the setup problem.  I use a same file to print on x3 and x6,  x3 is ok but x6 is not???

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    From the time of X3, the color management has been revamped. This shows up in X6 as a completely different management settings user interface. The current (X6) color management is more correct than that of X3. And as such, CMYK design is CMYK being sent to the printer driver. The printer driver, as I noted earlier, is trying to translate the CMYK values as incoming RGB values, into CMYK values. Or, in other words, (in near technical terms Big Smile,) the colors are being screwed up royally.

    For a test, do a simple design in CMYK and print it then change all the colors to RGB and print that. See which print comes out closer to what you see on the screen.

    If you have a 4 color press, then by all means, do output the CMYK design to it, as you should also have a (CMYK) color profile for that particular press with its set of inks. But if your printer is an office printer, connected to your PC or you local network, then it probably understands only RGB for color input and if you feed it anything else, then it will mis-interpret the colors and you get off-color results.

    Do post a screen capture of your color management settings here, so that we could see if you have something mis-configured.

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    you are right. I text the RGB printing is OK.

    I capture the configure but I don't know how to attached the file .



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    Looks good, to me.

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    I did the other test from other computer it use window 7 and x6 (my computer is window xp), use same file, to print out on same printer.

    The other computer's print out is no problem. Could you tell me where I can check the setting what my computer's print out have problem?

  • i do not use this x6 but it may be installation problem.