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Printing to Mimaki CJV30-160

I am looking for anyone that has experience printing to the Mimaki CJV30-160. I am looking for the most  efficient way of printing multiple contour cut decals. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have Raster Link 5

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    Your RIP will have specific instructions provided it supports that feature.

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    Yes I have had instructions from tech support as well.... problem is nothing seems to work consistantly. I have been told the machine was designed around Illustrator then ported to Corel. I can't print... laminate and cut through Raster Link. I have to print through Raster Link... take it out and laminate it and then cut it through Fine Cut 8. It will also make me layup 200 decals in Corel as opposed to 1 decal in Corel and printing multiple copies in Raster Link. Just seems that it does not work well with Corel and I don't want to buy Illustrator.

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    It also crashed Corel X6 real often.

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    I don't have a CJV30, instead I use JV33 printer and CG FXII cutter, but my software and the workflow is the same.
    Not sure I understand how you work or what part doesn't work for you.
    Try to describe more in detail.

    Regarding the crashes, make sure Draw is properly updated (X6.3).

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    Hey Ronny,

    Give me a little bit and I will tell you the error message I get when trying to print&cut from Corel X6 to Raster Link Pro 5. I have a big job I need to finish first. I do have the latest updates from Corel. And this is all brand new equipment. I will get back to you with the details ASAP.




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    Give me a little bit and I will tell you the error message I get


    Please document your CorelDRAW and RasterLink procedures, I was in Newton NH with Mimaki a while back and they were just amazed as I got everything from CorelDRAW to work including white ink.

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    David and Ronny,

    I come from a Roland environment and I have many years experience in printing large format and traditional offset.

    Here is what I do to set up a print and cut with no laminate to the Mimaki from Corel x6. All of my software updates are current.

    1. Round 3" vector image with cut line on the cut layer. There is only 1 image being sent at this time.

    2. Crop marks added in Corel... (I would rather see this done in Raster Link, because if I tell Raster Link to make 200 copies... I get 200 crop marks that the machine has to read on each image.)

    3. Output to Raster Link menu comes up and I leave everything here set on defaults. It does show that I have a Registration layer, image layer and cut layer. I then output to Raster Link with the default settings.

    4. EPS dialog box pops up and I leave the default settings and select ok.

    5. Raster Link gets the image and I proceed to edit option to set it up for print and cut. In the image edit menu the only thing I select is arrange to center. For this time I will only try to print the 1 copy so that I may get to the error message I am getting.

    6. On the Color Edit tab I don't change the defaults.

    7. On the Print Condition menu I select my media type. I also go into the Device Adjustment tab and select media type again and apply heater settings.

    8. On the Cut Condition tab I leave all settings to default and allow the printer panel to handle it. The printer panel cut is set to: Cut 1 , SPD 25, PRS 50, OFS 0.30.

    9. I select OK and now I am ready to send to print&cut.

    10. I right click the file and select Cut after Rip and Print.

    11. The printer begins printing the image with crop marks.

    12. After the image is printed the machine begins to change the rollers for cutting.... after the rollers are re-set it moves to the left edge of the material and just stops. That is it..... nothing else happens.

    Now I know the machine prints and cuts through Raster Link because I have done it before. Something changed somewhere and it no longer does it. I can proceed to cut it through Fine Cut 8... but that seems to defeat the purpose of what Raster Link should be doing.

    What I would like to see happen is this... I send one image to Raster Link... Some how have Raster Link set up multiple copies with one set of registration marks then print and cut all of them. Let me know how I can best accomplish this... I really appreciate any help you can give me.



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    1. Round 3" vector image with cut line on the cut layer. There is only 1 image being sent at this time.

    What are the RIP requirements for width of the assigned cut path and or cut color?

    Crop marks added in Corel



    Are you sending EPS or PDF to Rasterlink?  I assumed EPS as you mentioned the EPS dialog.  Is this the RAsterlink EPS dialog?

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    These are the steps that tech support from GRIMCO (vendor we purchased it from) had me go through. Can I set up register/crop marks in Raster Link?

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    I'm very sorry but I'm afraid I can't help you with this.
    Like I said, I have a separate cutter and my workflow is a bit different then, since I cannot use RasterLink for cutting.

    This is basically how I work:

    1. After creating the layout in Draw and adding the register marks, I also create the cutting line on a separate layer set to be non printable. Cutting line can be any color and width but I keep it on a separate layer.
    2. Publish to PDF.
    3. The resulting PDF (Acrobat 6.0 compatibility) is then imported (drag and drop) to RasterLink. Since the cutting line was on a non printable layer, it will not appear in the PDF.
    4. I print and add a laminate when needed.
    5. I then use FineCut with my cutting plotter to find the register marks and cut, most of the times with very good result.
    I avoid creating large number of copies in one chunk though, to minimize the risk of misaligned cut lines because of material drifting or whatever.

    This may be slightly more cumbersome then using a Print and Cut solution, but I think it works smooth enough.
    Since most of my jobs need to be laminated anyway, the two step solution is fine with me.

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  • The easy way is to create two layers in corel draw.

     On first you put all the things to print.

    On the second layer put the cut line and make non-printable

    Make rectangel with width little less then media is detected and lenght of few decals.

    Put print&cut booth layers aligned in rectangle and use transform tool to copy the stickers with cut line.


    Leave space cca 1-2 cm from rectangel in all directions.


    Select rectangel and click icon for register mark in corel draw (Fine cut)


    Now you have 3 layers, the cut one should be non-printable.

    Output to Raster link (RL icon on finecut menu in corel draw)

    On first screen check wich layer is for print and wich for cut and click output

    On the second screen check the output color set to NATIVE

    Now you have everything in Raster link, set media type, and print condition,

    in cut condition set the drying time, optional media cut.

    In the job list set the print count then right click > cut after rip in print.

    You can set the half cut and have final cut out with paper.


    Enjoy  BeN



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    Thanks everyone. I am starting get a work flow going thanks to your tips.