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update corel draw x6


Can you help me ?

I bought an update corel draw x6, but I can't  to do updates corel draw x6.  (x6.1 - x6.2 - x6.3 - x6.4).

Before, I had a corel draw x5.



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  • Hello Perrin; I Can't understand what the fly out is telling you, I only do English, but did you register X6?


  • In reply to TheSign Guy:

    Yes, I register X6 but corel draw font have register my licence.

  • In reply to TheSign Guy:

    The message says, roughly, "we cannot verify your ownership of the product".

    My guess is that its ownership of X5 that it cannot verify. This usually happens when installing the update on a machine that does not have a working copy of X4 or X5.

    That is usually followed by requesting the serial number of the previous product, which for X5 would probably begin DR15. It would have to be a serial number from a full retail version, not home and student or a special licence. So it looks like either you did not enter a qualifying X5 number or there was some problem with it.

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    Do you have the little green man at the bottom right of the screen?


  • In reply to TheSign Guy:

    Yes, I have a little green man at the bottom right of the screen.

    with the message : "Nous n'avons pas pu validé votre statut à l'égard du produit. Pour vous faire aider, veuillez contacter le Service d'assistance Corel à partir de www.corel.com/membersupport."

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    This software is my work tool. This is not a version "home", "student"...

    Our company works since twenty years. This is not the first update.


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    So, you currently have only the original X6 and you're getting that message when you try to update it to X6.1 ... ?

    If so, you've probably downloaded what you thought was the X6.1 update, which should be CDGSX6Update_1.exe but there's a bug on the website which causes it to deliver CDGSX6Update4.exe in some circumstances, even though you selected the other one.

    You cannot apply update 4 until you have applied update 1, so if you did receive the wrong file the update will fail. That's not quite the message I expect from that particular problem, but it might still be wise to check the filename to ensure that it really is update_1 that you were trying to apply.


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