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converting RGB to CMYK - fails

I have created some vector drawings for the web or electronic viewing only.  I now need to convert some of this stuff for print and when I convert from RGB to CMYK, the colours lose their vibrancy.  and when I'm converting, I no longer have the picker to work with.

Can someone help? ... please and thanks.


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    Apologies ... was wrong about the font tool ... it simply lists all the fonts you have. 

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    At this point in time, the no. of prints don't warrant offset, however, the printers use a printer that uses CMYK, so I'm still kind-a hooped.  Many of the colours as mentioned earlier, had a washed out look.  Moving foward, I'd like to prevent this.   From what I've read, I don't seem to have the full selection of colours, using CMYK as I do with RGB.

    There'll probably be slightly different response from others regarding this, but in short:

    Printing is almost always CMYK, which limits what can be printed to the CMYK gamut.
    The RGB gamut is wider and gives colors on screen that can not be printed CMYK. You can still, if you like, use RGB  in your designs but then I suggest you make sure you have appropriate color management settings (if you don't know, the defaults will probably do) and enable the "Proof colors" function (little monitor icon in Status Bar). This will give you a screen representation of how it will look in print.
    Since this will limit what you see to the CMYK color space, you might as well (or even preferably) work in CMYK from the start, unless your design is going to be used for the web (and in which case the web colors and in print will look different, as you've already found out).

    Please read my argumentation for working in CMYK in this thread.

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