BUG - Vignette Transparency no longer working in Draw X6 & PhotoPaint X6

I am running the 32 bit trial of X6 and the transparent vignette bitmap effect no longer works. I have converted the bitmap to CMYK transparent and back to not transparent several times in CorelDraw X6 and it still does not work. I have event tried making the bitmap an RGB transparent background and it still does not work.

Then when I click "Edit Bitmap..." it DOES open as a bitmap with a transparent background but the vignette function in Photo-Paint X6 does not work with the transparency either. It forces a background color. There is no longer an easy way to fade the edges of a photo.

Why do you always manage to break stuff that was working Corel? Why Corel, why?


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  • Hi

    I found the transparency facility in PP vignette had disappeared  in X5. I agree it's incredibly annoying as it was very useful function.

    I've been using a workaround for some time - it's more time consuming  and less controlled, but it works;

    Power clip the bitmap to oval, circle whatever / Convert to Bitmap / Edit Bitmap / 

    In PP; Select as Object / Feather from 'Objects' / Finish Editing and return to Draw where it retains transparency

    Hope that helps




  • Hi Cyber,

    maybe try this:

    1. open image in Photo-PAINT
    2. click the icon on the Background layer to convert it to an Object
    3. Draw an elliptical selection/mask with the Ellipse Mask Tool, slightly larger than the vignette you desire
    4. right-click on the object and choose Create Clip Mask >  from Mask
    5. Apply a Gaussian blur to the clip mask to taste

    Best regards,

  • CyberGraph
    There is no longer an easy way to fade the edges of a photo.

    Hi Cyber,

    there are at least 2 easy ways to do it. Either using the method I previously mentioned, or you can still use the Vignette effect by applying  it to a clip mask. To do so:

    1. open an image in Photo-Paint
    2. click the icon on the right hand side of the Background layer to promote it to an Object
    3. apply a clip mask to show all
    4. with the clip mask selected apply the Vignette effect

    Best regards,

  • In reply to colin frajbis:


    I thought I was the only one who is seeing things (not seeing things) when I tried to create the vignette and the transparency simply was not there! It took me at least 10 minutes of self inspection to see if all those vignettes I've created in the past were just my imagination.

    Thanks Colin for this workaround - works great even though a PP patch/update would be nice Corel :)